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Thanks to TG for sending:

“DC Water’s switch to chlorine from chloramine happened yesterday. everything smells like a pool today.”

DC Water’s website says:

From March 25 through May 6, 2019, the disinfectant in drinking water will temporarily switch from chloramine to chlorine. During this time, you may notice a slight change in the taste and smell of your drinking water.

DC Water purchases treated drinking water from the Washington Aqueduct. Each year, the Aqueduct switches disinfectants from chloramine back to chlorine to clean our  water distribution system and improve water quality. (more…)

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alley behind the 1600 block of L Street, NE

A reader shares the correspondence trying to get this flow of water addressed:

From DC Water:

“So as I understand it, an inspector went to the site and believes that the leak is coming from the building, so he could not access it. He thinks the building may not be occupied. Does that sound right?”

OP shares developer address/info and:

“See attached video there is more water leaking today. This is terrible – how can we address ASAP? I can’t believe this has continued to happen over a month. The water is flowing into Blandesburg road and has flooded the empty lot.”

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From DC Water:

“DC Water crews remain on the scene of a hole that opened in the roadway at 17th and D Streets, NW. DC Water is currently continuing excavations and shoring of a trench to expose a 39″ x 58″ sewer that was damaged.

The repairs are expected to take close to a week and require road closures as follows:

17th Street, between C and E Streets, NW; and
D Street, between 15th and 17th Streets, NW

A DC Water sewer investigator yesterday determined that a section of an egg-shaped 39″ by 58″ sewer line was crushed when concrete fell on it.

So far, the PEPCO lines involved have been de-energized of their 230,000 volts of electricity. There are no other utilities affected, but the repair is complex. Once the sewer damage is exposed and assessed, repairs can begin. After the repair, PEPCO will return to restore the power lines, which will be followed by the restoration of the roadway.

DC Water will provide updates throughout the process, which may take up to a week or more. The intersection remains closed to vehicular traffic at this time.”

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From DC Water yesterday:

“DC Water this afternoon issued a new reminder for all customers to be aware of and alert to possible scams involving callers or visitors who claim to be from the water authority.

The new warning came after a water customer was convinced to share her credit card information with someone pretending to be from the authority.

In the past, scams involving utility customers have involved visits or in some cases trying to sell water filters or solicit social security numbers. Customers should be aware of the following information: (more…)

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From DC Water:

“Six months ago, DC Water placed into service the first 7-mile segment of the Anacostia River Tunnel system to store combined sewage during rain events, keeping sewage overflows from entering the Anacostia River. DC Water today announced that since beginning operation, the tunnel has kept nearly 3 billion gallons of combined sewage overflows (CSOs) out of the Anacostia. Originally projected to reduce CSOs by approximately 80 percent in an average rainfall year, the system has exceeded expectations by achieving an 88 percent capture rate in its first six months of service.

Instead of flowing into the Anacostia, the combined stormwater and sewage is captured and conveyed to the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment prior to discharge to the Potomac River. The new tunnel and wet weather treatment facility have also captured close to 150 tons of trash that otherwise would have ended up in the river. (more…)

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Caroline Angelo

“Dear PoPville,

In paying the bills for my small condo building this month I noticed our water bill was $160 more than our usual bill. When I called DC Water initially on Friday, the representative noted extreme usage over the course of 4 days in August and directed me to the meter reading portion of their site and suggested I set up an alert system in the event of future aberrations. To outline the difference in usage a little clearer, over the course of said 4 days the building had apparently used the same amount of water we usually consume in a full month.

I flagged the issue for the other owners in the building and asked if anyone noticed anything funny happening, I was out of town for the exact dates but my roommate did not note anything out of the ordinary. I heard back from the other owners and it turns out the tenants in two of the units were out of town (one set was gone for almost all of August) and the third owner was personally out of town but his girlfriend was home and didn’t notice anything weird either. (more…)


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