“What a freaking way to ruin a snow day, quite the shock while out shoveling to hear and see a shooting.”

by Prince Of Petworth January 24, 2016 at 1:17 pm 13 Comments

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From Alert DC:

“Alert: Shooting at 1147 hrs in the 4700 block of Kansas Avenue, NW. Lookout for suspects is (1) B/M light complexion all black clothing wearing a mask, (1) B/M dark complexion all black clothing wearing a mask.”

Readers report:

“I heard about about six shots fired near Sherman circle about 20 minutes ago. Actually took cover. Emergency services on the scene.”


“Just got back to our house on the 4800 block of Illinois from a walk in Petworth and heard around 7 shots. Looked out window and saw two guys run west on Decatur and then turn into the alley. Looks like they shot at the house on the 4700 block of Illinois and one person inside was hit. A guy was shoveling out his car immediately adjacent to the shooters and seemed to have dove into the snow.

Nothing to ruin a beautiful post-blizzard day like a Petworth shooting.”


“there was a shooting at 4700 block of Illinois on Sherman Circle at about 11:45/noon. One wounded, apparently will be ok. Police on lookout for shooter.

What a freaking way to ruin a snow day, quite the shock while out shoveling to hear and see a shooting.”

  • In disbelief

    So. . .a guy gets shot Thursday shoveling snow on 4500 Illinois, the car from the Friday shooting on Webster is parked on 4500 Illinois, and now this!? What is it going to take for them to get this madness under control!?

    • madmonk28

      For starters, I think a change in government from the mayor down and especially the chief of police.

  • PetworthMom

    We live three blocks away. We were outside playing in the snow with our toddler and heard it.

  • Petworth COTA

    This block has been linked to AT LEAST 3 shootings in the past 4 days! There has to be something we can do about this! Way too many close calls. Is it really going to take someone loosing their life on that block for control to be taken from these criminals?

    • Anonymous

      These shooter are just insensitive morons

  • TeeB

    Sounds like a situation where plainclothes and unmarked cars would be effective. Oh wait, I forgot that our elected leaders decided this is not allowed as its not fair to the violent criminals.

    • Standards

      Law abiding citizens don’t have rights… All rights are reserved for criminals.

    • gladys cravitz

      maybe the police can set up a tent in the neighborhood….

  • Standards

    Surprised people are calling cops about these minor incidents, we all heard it a few blocks down and no one even budged on our street. This is business as usual in DC.. Develop complete apathy or/and Apply for a gun permit and watch your own back… Relying on a government that can’t handle an inch of snow is suicidal. Of Course don’t bother the mayor or the police chief as according to them the city is getting safer(I’m sure all criminals agree).

    • anon


    • Anonymous

      Soooooo….Petworth gonna Petworth.?

  • 4800 3rd

    From 4800 3rd (Decatur/NH/3rd) we could tell the shots were very close. I think there may have been 8-10 rather than 6 but I forget. Seemed to go on a while. A few of us figured it was “celebratory gunfire.” I see that is not the case.

  • NH Ave Hiker

    I heard them from the 500 block of Shepherd. Strange, it sounded like they came from the other direction, but that just must have been the echoing off the buildings.


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