From the Bravest at Engine Company 24:

“It’s a 2018 Seagrave Capitol Cab. The cab was designed specially for, and by the DCFD. It has a Cummins diesel big block with an Allison transmission. It carries 500 gallons of water and a 1500 gallons per minute Waterous pump. Our old 2006 Seagrave Marauder will go into the reserve fleet, so you may see our Petworth decals around the city with a different Engine number on it. Photos by various 24 Engine Company members. [5101 Georgia Ave. NW]”

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12th and N St, NW photo by Nicole

Thanks to David and Nicole for sending about 12th and N St, NW.

Photo by David 1am Saturday

3600 block Park Place, NW DCFD reported “We have requested @RedCrossNCR to Park Place NW Fire for 4 adults & 1 child displaced. Cause of fire remains under investigation.”:

And James Creek Marina Sunday night:


Photos via DC Fire & EMS

DCFD reported 5:30pm Friday:

“Crash with overturned Conn. Ave and Yuma St. NW. At least 3 vehicles involved with 1 overturned. 1 patient being prepared for transport with potentially serious injuries. Other patients being assessed.

Update crash at Conn. Ave & Yuma St NW. 1 serious & 3 minor injuries all adults transported. 3 other adult patients assessed by EMS and declined further treatment.”


From Facebook:

“Breakfast for Dane
August 9th
Tomorrow at 8 AM – 12 PM
Tune Inn Restaurant & Bar
331 Pennsylvania Ave, SE

Please join Scorched Souls M/C at the The Tune Inn for a fundraiser to help our young Brother, Prob. FF. Dane Smothers Jr. We’re asking for a $20 donation – The Tune Inn will be providing breakfast and drink specials. All proceeds will go to Dane.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there Wednesday!!”


Dane Smothers Jr. via @dcfireems

From the Mayor’s Office:

“Last night, on the 800 block of F Street, NE, Firefighter Dane Smothers, Jr., 28, of Engine Company 3, sustained very serious injuries while responding to a fire. He is currently in critical conditions. DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services is conducting an investigation of the incident.

“This incident reminds us all of the bravery and dedication of our first responders. We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude. Our thoughts and prayers are with Firefighter Smothers, his family, and his fellow Fire & EMS colleagues. We will do all we can to assist them during this very difficult time.”



Rebecca Menes, a 13 year Logan Circle resident, writes:

“What did you do on Easter Sunday? Maybe you went to church, had an Easter egg hunt with your children, or enjoyed brunch with friends. Not for the DC Fire and EMS Department, who gave up their holiday to help people in a pickle, and that included me. Stuck on an elevator between floors in the Rainbow Lofts residential building on Church St. NW with no consolation but my bags of defrosting groceries, this rescue squad was there in no time flat. My neighbors had rushed to the scene, as well as my best friend (a former journalist) who understood the importance of the moment and snapped some pics. But it was six of our city’s finest who pried open the elevator door and brought me and my groceries to safety.

I considered for a moment to pretend to be in tears — or at least ready to swoon from the heat into those trustworthy arms — but I thought better about it when these able professionals extricated me with little fuss. I was only able to shake one of their hands before they rushed off to help another innocent victim somewhere in the city.

Thank you, DC Fire and EMS Department, for being there when I needed you most.”



A reader reports:

“There was a huge fire at 5am in the house at the corner of 10th and Rock Creek Church Ext – right next to the mural. Flames were 20+ feet high when I finally woke up and saw it.”

video by Piama Habibullah

From AlertDC:

“DC Fire EMS reports the fire has been knocked down with 5 displacements (adults) with 4 dogs. The street closures remain the same at this time due to fire apparatus. Red Cross, DDOT, MPD and Ward Outreach have been notified.

Street Closures:
3700 block of 9th St NW
3600 block of New Hampshire Ave NW
3600 block of Rock Creek Church Rd NW.”

DC Fire & EMS reported:

“9th St fire under control. Still no injuries reported. Request @RedCrossNCR for 5 displaced adult occupants.”

Update 7am:

“DDOT reports the fire activity in the 3700 block of 9th St NW has cleared. The following street closures have reopened.
3700 block of 9th St NW
3600 block of New Hampshire Ave NW
3600 block of Rock Creek Church Rd NW.”


vanbque popville

Diana writes and sends the photo above around 8:45pm Saturday night:

“A sudden car b q on 12th and N this evening. Super response time by firefighters, so props to them!”

Cady writes and sends the photo below: “12/N. First responders showed up quickly and got the fire out safely. No one injured.”

carbque popville


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