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“Dear PoPville,

I went to bed Tuesday night with my dog upstairs with me and all doors locked [12th and T St, NW]. By the time I woke up Wednesday morning someone had forced open the back doors, ran through the house grabbing what they could, and left out the front door. Neither my dog nor I woke up. They stole a bike, laptop, Ipad, Ipod, purses, and dug through drawings I assume in search of cash. The purses they dug through and tossed in the alley and along 12th Street taking cash, sunglasses, and strangely headphones (who wants someone else’s headphone, ew). Be vigilant of locking your doors and setting your alarms!


The Washington Post reported back in April:

“The menu will be “extensively based in classic cocktails and a smaller number of things we’ve come up with,” Brown says. His dream would be to have a “cocktail catalog” of 50 to 60 drinks, “but I know that could be overwhelming for people. I don’t know how to present that yet.”

Now we know how Brown got the name Left Door:


Genius!! Updates when they get closer to opening.

1345 S Street, NW

funk Parade
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Thanks to a reader for sending on from Slate:

“The national-security watchdogs at The Intercept have FOIA’d a bunch of Department of Homeland Security documents related to Black Lives Matter activists,…it does indicate that the Department of Homeland Security may have way too much time on its hands:

An April 29th email from the DHS National Operations Center also mentions planned surveillance of three seemingly innocuous events, two of which were associated with historically black neighborhoods. According to the email, the DHS-funded DC Homeland Security & Emergency Management Agency decided to conduct “a limited stand-up… to monitor a larger than expected Funk Parade and two other mass gathering events” in case “any Baltimore-related civil unrest occurs.” It appears that the only Funk Parade in DC occurs in the historically black neighborhood of U Street. The other two events, according to another report, produced by the DHS National Capital Region‘s Information Collection and Coordination Center, were a community parade in Congress Heights, a predominantly black neighborhood, and the Avon 39-Walk to End Breast Cancer.

1214 U Street, NW

Yesterday we shared some scuttlebutt that Ulah Bistro on U Street was closing after 7 years on Tuesday, July 28th. A reader confirms:

“I had reservations for a large party there on August 2nd! I emailed them and received confirmation that they are indeed closing. They said: Unfortunately Ulah Bistro will not be open on August 2nd. I apologize for any inconvenience it might cause. We have got these news recently and whoever took the reservation most likely was not aware of what’s happening.”

A commenter adds:

“Confirmed today with one of the managers-it’s been sold. Last day is Tuesday [the 28th]. Boo.”

12th and U Street, NW

Back in February and then May we noted some drama at The Islander. For fans there is a sad update. Thanks to all who sent emails about the Washington Post article:

“Green said that after decades of serving up pineapple chicken, Caribbean kicker cocktails and Green’s Calypso Chicken, she is closing the Islander, eager to leave the stresses of running a restaurant in a changing neighborhood to someone else.”

Though the Post also notes:

“But there is a glimmer of hope that the spirit of the Islander may live on. As manager of the lounge, Darryl Green said he plans to take over and relocate the business to a more affordable place in the District.”

1833 14th Street, NW

From an email:

“Tuesday, July 21st is Hemingway’s birthday. Without him there’d be no Pilar, so Bar Pilar is commemorating what would have been Papa’s 116th birthday that night with a special EH-inspired menu from Executive Chef Jesse Miller along with classic Hemingway cocktails made with Pilar Rum. The bar also will have happy hour specials from 5 to 7pm and a punch all night.

Tuesday night’s menu includes:

Radishes with Sea Salt, Cultured Butter and Bread $4
Pickled Mushrooms $3
Chilled Cucumber Soup with Fried Leeks $8
Lobster Salad, Tarragon Aioli, Smoked egg and Capers $14
Braised Octopus Salad with Chili Vinegar $12
Boises Avocado dressed with Cilantro $7
Fish Empanadas with Sweet ’n Sour Sauce $9
Duck Egg Omelet with Cultured Butter, Fresh Truffles and Duck Cracklings $14
Pilar Rabbit Stew with Paprika and Chickpeas $12
Curry of Wild Bird with Rice $13
Country Ham & Chorizo Spaghetti with Cuban Pork Broth $14
Suckling Pig with Salsa Verde and Potatoes $14

Menu is subject to change. No reservations required.”