Package Theft Follow-Up: Props to the Cops (Unfortunately Another One Caught on Film)

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

A reader reports:

“You posted a stolen package video that was captured by my home surveillance cam. I received notice today from the U.S. Attorney’s Office that a man was charged with second degree theft and is due in court in early June. DC MPD Officer Naples followed this through and was fantastic — big props and thanks to him!”

Sadly though another one caught on film and tweeted to us today:

“man steals package from our porch on 9th st between k and i st NE. It may be the same man who struck here.”

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  • gotryit

    Wow, that sucks (again).
    For better camera footage, consider positioning the camera at approximately face height. Digital zoom doesn’t really enhance what you have or make it that much more useful.

  • What do you suppose the wrist band means?

  • SO glad they caught this guy (the one from the linked video for a previous package theft). I’ve seen him walking around the neighborhood (always close to 10th & C NE) and one time witnessed two men pursue him to get their just-stolen packages back.

    • justinbc

      Good to know. I live not too far from there, and I don’t recall spotting this guy, but I’ll try to remember his face since I’m sure he’ll be out soon.

  • justinbc

    These guys obviously follow the delivery trucks around. You would think it would be pretty easy to setup sting operations to bust these crooks.

    • I don’t know how they ever catch any of these people. They all look like the same guy in every video to me. Every report I read it’s always the same suspect description. How do you know who to look out for?

  • northeazy

    I learned in law school that it is illegal to booby trap your front door or porch so that a projectile device of some type (gun, ball bearings, nails, bucket of paint, etc.) be launched at the perpetrator. This is obviously a public safety issue as well as to prevent a child getting injured for an immature action.

    However, I also learned that it is NOT illegal to leave a decoy box, perhaps filled with dog excrement, to send a message that at least some boxes on your front porch aren’t worth the hassle.

    Seriously though, try leaving a package out there ALL the time. Just have decoys of empty boxes. I know that neighborhood and no one casually just walks by over there. It is residential, so sadly one of your neighbor has no respect for you.

    You could always take a staycation too and sit in front of the door with a few beers, and just wait to catch him. You can make a citizens arrest and use a non-lethal weapon such as a bat if you feel “threatened.” Also, if a staycation isn’t in the cards for you, there are a lot of trustworthy students at Galludet who could stand watch for you for a small fee.

    Finally, you could get a cheap tracking device. I see you are tech savvy and have some disposable income so perhaps track your box and tell the cops so this animal is placed in the cage he belongs in. Looking forward to an update.

    • “I know that neighborhood and no one casually just walks by over there.” Actually, I live in this neighborhood and there are constantly people just casually walking down this street. This house is right in between K St and H St, two major streets in the NE, and 9th Street serves as a perfect cut-through. If you cannot ship packages to your work, you could also try a P.O. Box. These people infuriate me, but I don’t see any solutions because, well, it’s the city. (I’m all for catching the perps, but we also need to be realistic about what we can expect in our neighborhood.)

  • there are also package concierge services in the city. If I know I won’t be home I use Basecamp DC over in DuPont/Adams Morgan.

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