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A few folks have been asking me what folks are doing for inauguration. The Mayor and Governors of Maryland and Virginia are “are taking the extraordinary step of encouraging Americans not to come to Washington, DC and to instead participate virtually.” But for folks who live in the District, will you be staying home or heading out of town? Obviously the coronavirus has been surging too, which just adds to these craziest of days.

Joint Statement from Bowser, Hogan, and Northam on Planning for the 59th Presidential Inauguration for the record: Read More


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Carol asked a simple question: “Best bagels in DC?”

Let’s do this:

Buckle up for some of the original battle replies: Read More


*Safe regarding Coronavirus/Covid-19…

To the polls:


Thanks to a reader for passing on VIDA‘s planned 6am opening on Monday should Phase Two move forward.

We’ve talked a lot about dining at restaurants but do you plan on going back to the gym, whichever you go to, as soon as they open?


Thanks to Eric Lee for sending: “Union Market looks ready to open today for guests”

I’ll do a new poll here now that you’ve seen some pictures and guidance:

Ed. Note: Results of a poll we took on Wednesday: Read More


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“Dear PoPville,

The man friend and I got to talking about what a post-covid world would look like as DC slowly reopens. I’m immuno-suppressed so we won’t be going out in this capacity any time soon, but assuming the restaurant/bar scenes will never recover or operate as they had in the past we got to discussing how some of them could adapt and survive/thrive.

We saw a few articles discussing how some restaurants plan to use mannequins and fake dolls to fill empty space, but how creepy is that and what a waste of space! I’d like to know what Popville thinks about the return of the “dinner theater” experience! Knowing tables will need to be spaced out for diners and concerts/art performances aren’t happening any time soon, wouldn’t a better use of the space be dining and listening to an entertainer (small band, two-person play, violinist, etc.) Surely there is no shortage of artists and talent in DC! Read More


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I’ve spoke about this a bit @PoPville on twitter but want to do an official poll because I’m super curious:


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“Dear PoPville,

WIth summer travel season coming up, I was wondering if you could ask the Popville community for reviews/recommendations about the best bus lines to take for a trip from DC to Philly, similar to a previous poll you had in 2011.”


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Granted this a rather random one but I’ll walk you to how I got here. So I was thinking of titling chapter nine of my coming memoirs: ‘Emails I get from AOL accounts’ Ed. Note that is still the tentative title. And it got me thinking about email in general and communication preferences. So there we are.


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