Washington, DC

Photo by Joseph F

“Dear PoPville,

The man friend and I got to talking about what a post-covid world would look like as DC slowly reopens. I’m immuno-suppressed so we won’t be going out in this capacity any time soon, but assuming the restaurant/bar scenes will never recover or operate as they had in the past we got to discussing how some of them could adapt and survive/thrive.

We saw a few articles discussing how some restaurants plan to use mannequins and fake dolls to fill empty space, but how creepy is that and what a waste of space! I’d like to know what Popville thinks about the return of the “dinner theater” experience! Knowing tables will need to be spaced out for diners and concerts/art performances aren’t happening any time soon, wouldn’t a better use of the space be dining and listening to an entertainer (small band, two-person play, violinist, etc.) Surely there is no shortage of artists and talent in DC!

Restaurants could then control the dining traffic in a more structured manner that promotes social distancing and public health policy!

We tried to do some research and couldn’t find anything mentioned about this online. My boyfriend is convinced this won’t become a thing, but I’m feeling particularly inspired by the Marvelous Mrs. MaiseI that this could be the next big thing if there’s an appetite (no pun intended) for this from the community.

Could you put out a poll to settle this couple’s quarrel? Is this a viable idea or have I caught cabin fever?”


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