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2nd, Delaware and M Street, NE

So the Flagship REI that opened in NoMa a little over a year ago was one of the most popular stories on PoPville for all of 2016. So I was walking by the other day and I was like, oh yeah, here’s the REI. By now you should realize I’m not 100% “normal”. Anyway it just got me thinking if people actually go to it. So this is another ‘just indulge my curiosity please’ posts. Have you been to the REI NoMa? If so, what do you buy there? How often do you go? Have you ever done any hikes/activities sponsored/set up by the store? For those who were incredibly excited about the prospect of them opening – did they meet your expectations?

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Photo by PoPville flickr user rockcreek

I’ve been looking forward to refreshing this question for a long time given all the changes in our fine District. So without further ado, where you living these days?

Since 2015 I’ve been in that little hamlet between Tenleytown and Van Ness called North Cleveland Park. You?

Ed. Note: There are too many neighborhoods to list in a poll but I’ll break it out by quadrant. For specific neighborhoods please list name of neighborhood and year you moved there.

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

So I was walking down H Street, NE earlier this week and I over heard some old school folks chatting about this topic. Unfortunately I was running late and wasn’t to stop. But as I was trailing out of earshot one man was vehement that 4th and L Street, NE was the center of it all.

For many years I would say it was 14th and U Street, NW (really 11th and U) but given how much the District has changed in the last 10 years I just don’t know anymore. So I’ll throw it out to you guys. Where is the center of it all, where is the heart of the city circa 2017?

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Photo by PoPville flickr user rockcreek

Podcasts have continued to explode in popularity since we last talked about them back in 2014. And since I absolutely love them and can’t wait for another hardcore history to come out – I need some fresh recs. What are your current favorites? Anyone listen to the new ones on Audible? Bonus points for your favorite ones that focus on history, politics, pop culture, true crime and current events?

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Thanks to Tim for sending: “They installed the Anthem sign facing the river at the Wharf.” Ed. Note: They open October 12th with a sold out Foo Fighters show. But just looking at the photo has me rather giddy and anticipating going to a show there. Also, I’m going to Sturgill Simpson at Merriweather on Friday – so let’s take it easy today and simply talk music – what’s the last concert you went to and where was it? For those who have future tickets – what’s the next one you’re going to and where is it?

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Photo by PoPville flickr user Victoria Pickering

“Dear PoPville,

I’ve been in the DC area for two years, and really struggling to transition out of my current job. I believe myself to be talented, well educated (have a Masters), and I’m ambitious/enthusiastic, but my current job search has gotten me nowhere. Does anyone have advice that has proven fruitful in the past, or recommendations for networking events? Really looking for just about any guidance here. Thanks much!”

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As summer nears it’s conclusion let’s eat as much crab as possible!! So where are you favorite spots – both for crab cakes and picking them yourself? Very curious to see the options coming to SW Waterfront too. And what the hell – are there any spots in D.C. that have a good orange crush? Legit good, not just passable. I’ve sadly yet to find one and can’t figure out why.


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