Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.


“Metro is advising bus customers of the potential for major delays in the area of Gallery Place this afternoon due to road closures.

This morning Metro was advised by the DC Metropolitan Police Department of a previously unscheduled demonstration at the intersection of 7th and H streets NW (Gallery Place) this afternoon/evening that may draw large crowds, closing streets to vehicular traffic. According to MPD the following street closures are likely starting as early as 4 p.m.: Read More


unrelated but awesome photo by Takoma Wellness

StephieK writes:

“@PoPville, I love DC Metro, truly do… but what is up with (some) express bus drivers refusing to pass non-express buses? Stopping behind them at every stop, just hanging out like a teenager lingering behind the cool kid out at the mall.”


Photo by PoPville flickr user Lorie Shaull

“Dear PoPville,

Anyone else having difficulty with the 52 and 54 northbound? There have been people of all ages here at 14th and Irving waiting on either a 52 or 54 since 2:10 (it’s currently 2:50).

Checking my Metro app – all of us here have been ghosted by 3 buses.”


Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

“Dear PoPville,

I am writing to find out whether any of your readers have any advice on the most effective way to petition WMATA to change its policy regarding strollers on its buses. I recently had a horrible experience on a bus with my stroller and would like to find out why WMATA does not allow unfolded strollers on its buses, as many other metropolitan cities do. I understand from a September 2018 GGW article that WMATA may have considered changing its policy for umbrella strollers but either has not yet, or decided not to. Any advice? See my complaint to WMATA below. Read More


Photo by Andrew Bailey

D’oh! While there were reports of enforcement witnessed this is quite the picture. Thanks to Andrew for sending at 9am this morning:

“I don’t think this is how these new red bus lanes on I St. NW are supposed to work…

Seems to still be some confusion…the sign says right-turns are OK, but how about when there are bus stops at the same corner? Then again, DC isn’t known for having the clearest signage…”

Ed. Note: These dedicated bus lanes are set for AM Peak: 7:00 AM – 9:30 AM
PM Peak: 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM. Since this was the first day hopefully continued enforcement will help work out the kinks. If this is indeed a kink.


“Dear PoPville,

Wondering if any readers can help me with some good old fashioned sleuthing.

I’ve been cycling in the city for about 6 years now and had my first wreck after a run in with a metro bus. I’m hoping someone onboard witnessed what happened.

On Monday, April 1st around 6:15pm I was biking northbound on Rhode Island Ave NW just past 6th St NW when I noticed the metrobus behind me (likely G9, given the time/place, but I didn’t see the number) was getting pretty close to my rear tire and traveling as a faster speed than I was. The light at New Jersey was green, and I don’t believe the bus driver saw me as they sped up to continue thru the intersection (I was on the right hand side of the right lane since bikes share the road on this part of Rhode Island Ave). Rather than get rear-ended on a bike, I attempted to avoid a crash by entering the driveway of the Valero, but the uneven ground caught my tire and sent me flying. The bus continued on without stopping, and I got a 1-way ticket to the ER, complete with a broken elbow, sprains, and a pretty impressive black eye. Read More


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