Thanks to a reader for sending the word. Back in Sept. ’09 we discussed some rumors that a more traditional gym was thinking about going into the View 14 retail space. However, even at that time the rumor was that the deal had fallen through. Now it looks like the BETA Academy is hoping to move into the space. The owner just released the following you tube video and hopes to raise the remaining funds necessary to make the move happen. BETA currently resides in the basement level of the Calvary Methodist Church at 14th and Columbia Rd, NW. You can see the excitement they feel about this potential move:

While the video is a bit long, there is also mention of a “high-end restaurant” that was going to go into part of the non-housing space. I’ll def. be keeping my eyes on progress on both fronts here. Stay tuned!


“Dear PoP,

Like many Yelpers, I was approached by these guys on 14th St., though I did not interact with them at the time. I looked them up later, and their business practices appear to be super sketchy. What’s the story?”

One World Fitness is located at 1738 14th St. NW south of S St, NW. Anyone ever stop to chat with them? Any positive or negative experiences here? Do you think it’s normal for a gym to solicit members like this?

When I pass them and they start to talk to me I just say that I’ve already donated to Greenpeace…


3910 Georgia Ave., NW Sept. ’08 One of Georgia Avenue’s many retail teases…

“Dear PoP,

I am closing on a house on 4th Street in Petworth on January 25th. I have been doing some research on the area and it doesn’t seem like there are many fitness/gym options in the area for me within walking distance. I used to live in Columbia Heights and there is a decent WSC there, but is that the only option I have? Is there anything planned in the future in the Petworth community?”

Back, back in the day we were told that a Results Gym was going to come to Georgia Ave in the new building at 3910 Georgia Ave, NW across from Qualia Coffee. That deal fell through and a clinic/school is coming in its place. I haven’t heard anything else about a new gym. I assume many use the WSC in Columbia Heights or places near their work. Any Petworth area gyms that I’m not aware of?

We looked at some city wide gym recommendations here and here.


“Dear PoP,

I’ve been a member of U-Street results for the past year and a half and was dissapointed to hear that they are closing. The location is great for me so I’d like to join Vida but they are going to charge me $25/mo than I pay at Results (Vida’s membership is $92/mo). One of my friends is a Results member and pays far less than I do for his current membership. For him to join Vida he’d have to pay an additional $40/mo.

First off I think it’s bad policy that they kick you out of your gym and then raise your monthly membership. Since most of your viewers are members of some health clubs I’d be curious to know how the prices range for different gym and even what the range people pay for the same gym.”

We spoke about some gym recommendations here back in August.

And related:

“I was just curious if you know what is being built in the small alley between Stetson’s and Results on U st.”

Hmm, I just assumed this was going to be a part of the new Vida gym that will replace Results. Anyone know what’s being built there?


Whenever we talk about the Washington Sports Club located in DC USA in Columbia Heights it brings up strong opinions. For those who aren’t huge fans you may soon have another option. It has come to my attention that the second floor of the building currently home to Meridian Pint at 11th and Park Road, NW may welcome a gym to the second floor. Obviously the space is much smaller than a WSC so I wouldn’t expect a swimming pool or anything but it’ll be interesting to see if this develops. How much square feet do you think is necessary for a proper gym?


“Dear PoP,

This is just a reminder for you and your readers that Balance Gym Glover Park (2121 Wisconsin Ave., NW) will be holding a Grand Opening event on Saturday, Sept. 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Refreshments courtesy of Whole Foods, Sushi-Ko, and Nectar Juice Bar, classes from Pilates and pole dancing to Balance BootCamp and Tangolates, massages, a strong man act, and other activities will energize the new space and welcome the community and potential.

The day’s events include:
-FREE Yoga class at 10:15 a.m.
-FREE Pole Dancing class at Noon
-FREE Yoga/Pilates class at Noon
-Strongman/Balancing Act at 1:30 p.m.
-FREE Chair Massages
-FREE Nutrition Consultations
-SomaSpa product giveaways and consultations…And much more!
We’re also offering 15% off all personal training packages, spa services, class packs and memberships (for new members only).

Please let your readers know, and we hope to see you there!
Balance Gym Glover Park
2121 Wisconsin Ave., NW”


Thanks to two readers who’ve been keeping particularly close eyes on this development. Back in late August we learned that Results Gym was closing and Vida Fitness will likely be moving into the recently closed space in the City Vista building. Vida Fitness is announcing via Facebook and a new Web site, CityVista Fitness that they are coming soon. I had actually heard that multiple gyms are interested in this space and I’m hearing negotiations are on going so stay tuned for more info when it becomes available.

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Normally we’re used to hearing exciting news or at least exciting scuttlebutt when talking about City Vista in Mt. Vernon Square. This is the first time I can remember big news of a closing. Many readers are bummed and last night sent emails like the following:

“Dear PoP,

I’m a relatively new MVT condo owner (bought in 2009) and was devastated to hear from an excellent source with firsthand knowledge that the Results in City Vista will close abruptly on September 1st. This is terrible stuff, especially for the staff that will lose their jobs.

I’m writing to break the news in the hope that it will spread and cause such an uproar that it will make the Results brass reconsider…”

Another reader sent in definitive word from one of the trainers so I’m afraid an enormous uproar won’t be able to make Results reconsider at this point. But perhaps another gym can/will move into the space?


“Dear PoP,

I live at U-Street/Columbia Heights, and have been searching for a better gym option than some of the larger chains, like Results and Washington Sports Club, because they are too expensive for a poor non-profit worker like myself. Any suggestions for smaller, cheaper options in the area? My flabby arms would appreciate it.”

Some recommendations were made when we talked about shower options for those bike commuting to work. Does anyone go to a gym that’s not part of a big chain? How are the prices?


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