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3910 Georgia Ave., NW Sept. ’08 One of Georgia Avenue’s many retail teases…

“Dear PoP,

I am closing on a house on 4th Street in Petworth on January 25th. I have been doing some research on the area and it doesn’t seem like there are many fitness/gym options in the area for me within walking distance. I used to live in Columbia Heights and there is a decent WSC there, but is that the only option I have? Is there anything planned in the future in the Petworth community?”

Back, back in the day we were told that a Results Gym was going to come to Georgia Ave in the new building at 3910 Georgia Ave, NW across from Qualia Coffee. That deal fell through and a clinic/school is coming in its place. I haven’t heard anything else about a new gym. I assume many use the WSC in Columbia Heights or places near their work. Any Petworth area gyms that I’m not aware of?

We looked at some city wide gym recommendations here and here.


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