Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I’ve been a member of U-Street results for the past year and a half and was dissapointed to hear that they are closing. The location is great for me so I’d like to join Vida but they are going to charge me $25/mo than I pay at Results (Vida’s membership is $92/mo). One of my friends is a Results member and pays far less than I do for his current membership. For him to join Vida he’d have to pay an additional $40/mo.

First off I think it’s bad policy that they kick you out of your gym and then raise your monthly membership. Since most of your viewers are members of some health clubs I’d be curious to know how the prices range for different gym and even what the range people pay for the same gym.”

We spoke about some gym recommendations here back in August.

And related:

“I was just curious if you know what is being built in the small alley between Stetson’s and Results on U st.”

Hmm, I just assumed this was going to be a part of the new Vida gym that will replace Results. Anyone know what’s being built there?


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