Washington, DC

Normally we’re used to hearing exciting news or at least exciting scuttlebutt when talking about City Vista in Mt. Vernon Square. This is the first time I can remember big news of a closing. Many readers are bummed and last night sent emails like the following:

“Dear PoP,

I’m a relatively new MVT condo owner (bought in 2009) and was devastated to hear from an excellent source with firsthand knowledge that the Results in City Vista will close abruptly on September 1st. This is terrible stuff, especially for the staff that will lose their jobs.

I’m writing to break the news in the hope that it will spread and cause such an uproar that it will make the Results brass reconsider…”

Another reader sent in definitive word from one of the trainers so I’m afraid an enormous uproar won’t be able to make Results reconsider at this point. But perhaps another gym can/will move into the space?


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