Washington, DC

1500 block of 7th Street, NW

A reader reported:

“I wanted to inform you about an assault that happened outside of the Passenger (7th Nw between p and q) at around 12:05 am tonight (Saturday night/technically Sunday morning.) My boyfriend, myself and three friends had just walked out of the bar and were walking to the corner to cross the street and a group of teenagers attacked my boyfriend, punching him in the face causing his lip to be lacerated and need stitches.

I asked if they thought the intent was to rob and they replied: Read More


From the Mayor’s Office:

“Today, ahead of Thursday’s historic House hearing on the DC statehood bill (H.R. 51), Mayor Bowser launched a new DC statehood commercial, featuring DC veteran Antoinette Scott. The commercial, which is already airing in Washington, DC, Kentucky, and South Carolina, is part of the Bowser Administration’s education campaign to make more Americans aware of the injustices happening in the nation’s capital due to our lack of statehood. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

I think I saw that big cat in Georgetown last week – it was out and seemed scared. Pretty sure it’s an Abyssinian. I posted about it to multiple local Facebook groups for lost animals, but couldn’t report it because it didn’t have a tag and skittered off.

I remembered at the time thinking that if it was less scared than when I saw it, it’d probably be absolutely terrifying to any local wildlife or cats due to its size.

Here’s the information of where I saw the cat: Read More


Photo by PoPville flickr user Beau Finley

Thanks to Erin for passing on this upsetting report about an assault at the Navy Yard Metro Stop:

“Glad they arrested the kids but doubtful there will be any follow through. The victim broke his leg but is EXTREMELY lucky that when he landed on the third rail he hit the cover and didn’t get electrocuted. He obviously also could have been hit by a train. These kids should have been charged with attempted murder.”

Fox5 reported:

“The man, who asked not to be identified, said the attack began when a teen slapped him randomly on a train headed toward Gallery Place. He got off at the Navy Yard stop to try and identify the teen who assaulted him and that is when nearly a half dozen teens attack, shoving him into the tracks.

Metro confirmed that Metro Transit Police arrested four juveniles, who now face aggravated assault charges.”


2606 Georgia Ave NW courtesy Gorbet

From an email:

“I thought your readers would be interested to know that the market has rebranded as Gorebet, which means neighborhood in Amharic and reflects owner Neja Ali’s Ethiopian roots. In keeping with the warm and welcoming environment emblemized by its homemade sambusas — savory Ethiopian pastries stuffed with vegetables or chicken — Gorebet is further embracing its community by offering a variety of DC-made products. These include in-demand healthier and fresher options, such as: Read More


Hope reports:

“Walking to work past Ford’s theater this morning and a car was coming toward a bunch of us walking on the sidewalk. The car hit a trash can and the driver jumped out. A Good Samaritan turned the car off because it started to roll back down the sidewalk. FBI police chased driver down the street on foot. Read More


Thanks to Niki for sending from NW DC:

“Certainly looks like a mountain lion other than the stripes (Google suggests it could be an adolescent?). Would love a biologist to weigh in!”

The Neighbors video (uploaded September 15th) says:

“Caught this on video last night around 4 am. Does not look like a domestic cat…looks a lot like a mountain lion. We live right next to rock creek park, so it’s possible it came from there? Read More


Photo by PoPville flickr user John Sonderman

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1111 H Street, NE

The Glass Stache’s Virginia website says:

“The Glass Stache is the smoker’s destination in Northern Virginia. Our shop is run for smokers, by smokers. Here you will find honest opinions, answers for your questions, and a great selection of modern smokeware, vaporizers and accessories.

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Thanks to Ruth for sending:

“A PoPvillager in Yellowstone National Park, at Mammoth Hot Springs. This park is just about the craziest, wildest, most dynamic place I’ve ever been – a land pulsing as if it were the very heartbeat of the Earth.

P.S. Shortly after this photo was taken, a group of us were charged by a bull elk, despite our best efforts at giving him a very, very wide berth!”


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