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Well it’s looking sunny and bearable for open houses this weekend. With a warm weekend on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to get out and see what’s new on the market. You can view a few of these and still get home in time to (hopefully) watch your team win.

For the entire DC Open House List click here.

  • 1823 D Street NE #D — $589,000 — Kingman Park
    Open Sun. 12-4PM — Tony Taylor
    One of the larger units at the newly completed Stadium Row.
  • 421 Farragut Street NW — $799,000 — Petworth
    Open Sun. 2-4PM — Desmond McKenna
    “This one checks all the boxes.”
  • 284 15th Street SE #201 — $379,900 — Hill East
    Open Sun. 1-4PM — Joan Cromwell
    It’s not the largest 1-bedroom, but it does have in-unit laundry!
  • 3513 R Street NW — $1,219,000 — Burleith
    Open Sat. 1-3PM & Sun. 1-4PM — Daniel Miller
    For this price, of course it comes with a wine cellar.
  • 700 Kennedy Street NE — $549,500 — Queens Chapel
    Open Sun. 1-4PM — Michael Kiefer
    Well, the pictures suck, but it shows well (except the bathrooms).
  • 800 4th Street SW #N615 — $499,000 — Southwest Waterfront
    Open Sun. 12-2PM — Amir Habibzadeh
    Apparently this one is a “rarely available 2-level, 1 bedroom with den.”

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This column is written and sponsored by D.C. real estate agent and Edgewood resident Jessica Evans. Email her questions at  [email protected].

In part 2 of my “Buying a home in 2018” series, I will discuss financing — How to explore your loan options and why this is an important preliminary step of the homebuying process. If you missed part 1 of this series where I went over defining home purchase objectives, you can find it here.

Unless you are planning to purchase a home without financing, a nice luxury that many of us don’t have, then you are likely planning to get a mortgage. Figuring out how you plan to pay for the house that you want to buy is equally as important as figuring out which house you want to buy.

It is important that the loan option you choose is a good fit for your financial objectives. With interest rates expected to rise, refinancing isn’t likely to be an advantageous option and a mortgage will be a long term commitment to a payment plan. Exploring the full range of mortgage options will help to ensure that the payment plan you go with is the best fit for your personal financial situation.

Now you might be thinking that by exploring financing options I mean shopping around for the lowest interest rate, but this is not the case. Interest rates are just one factor and, in my opinion, by far not the most important factor in choosing a loan and lender for most buyers. For more on this topic, check out my column from last year on choosing a lender.

Step 1: Research lender recommendations. Ask friends or neighbors who they used as their lender and if they would highly recommend them. Ask your trusted real estate professional for their recommendations based on the type of loans you are considering. There are a lot of lenders out there, only consider those with raving fans. I strongly recommend using a direct local lender who will serve as your knowledgeable financing guide on your journey to homeownership. Here is my list of questions to ask when interviewing lenders. (more…)

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Real Estate Fresh Finds is a weekly selection of newly-listed properties in the District, brought to you by Real Living At Home. 

Every Wednesday, RLAH Real Estate presents PoPville readers with a small list of new and ‘Fresh’ properties to hit the market over the past week. While most weeks are typically a combination of condos, townhouses and single-family homes, almost all of our Fresh Finds this week are on the larger town/row house side. So if you’re looking for that dream, 3-story, renovated masterpiece, this may just be the week for you. Check them out below:

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This is a sponsored column by attorneys John Berry and Kimberly Berry of Berry & Berry, PLLC, an employment and labor law firm located in Northern Virginia that specializes in federal employee, security clearance, retirement and private sector employee matters.

By Kimberly H. Berry, Esq.

When an employee has been accused of engaging in workplace misconduct, the employer will sometimes conduct an administrative or internal investigation. Some reasons why employers investigate employees include discrimination complaints, threats against others, safety problems and workplace theft.

Purpose of Workplace Investigations

The purpose of workplace investigations is for the employer to gather relevant evidence regarding the employee’s alleged misconduct and determine whether the misconduct warrants a disciplinary or an adverse action (e.g., termination or significant suspension) within the requirements established by law, policy or regulation or with respect to the employer’s own liability.

Occasionally, these types of investigations can lead to a potential criminal investigation. Depending on whether the employer is federal, the District of Columbia, Virginia or involves a private employer, a supervisor or other designated investigator may be asked to conduct an investigation regarding the facts at issue. Employees may then be asked to provide verbal or written responses to questions regarding the alleged misconduct.

Duties to Cooperate

During an investigation, an investigator (often a law firm) will be hired to conduct a workplace investigation. They will review documents related to the investigation and/or interview witnesses, depending on the investigation. Employees, depending on their particular employer, may have a duty to fully cooperate with an assigned investigator or can decline to participate in the investigation unless they are ordered to do so.

For example, federal employees may decline to participate in an administrative investigation if it is voluntary. Refusing to cooperate with an investigation or providing false statements or answers during an investigation can be grounds for disciplinary action. Providing false statements, if made to a federal or other law enforcement investigator, can also subject an employee to potential criminal penalties. (more…)

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While the weather originally was looking like we might have a 60 degree Saturday, the forecast seems to have shifted the warm (albeit rainy) weather to today. Since your fun in the sun has now become a lot chillier and wetter, why not check out one of the 200 open houses in the District, all ending in time to get home and watch some NFL playoff games.

For the entire DC Open House List click here.

  • 36 Sherman Circle NW — $889,000 — Petworth
    Open Sat. & Sun. 2-4PM — Dilip Kinra
    “3 levels completely renovated with high-end finishes.”
  • 1301 Delaware Ave. SW #N-303 — $260,000 — Southwest Waterfront
    Open Sun. 1-3PM — Jay Portlance
    Complete with some super-weird window panes on the balcony.
  • 1311 H Street NE #U-2 — $579,900 — H Street
    Open Sun. 1-4PM — Aron Schultz
    Balcony overlooking H Street like Simba on Pride Rock.
  • 1529 E Street SE #A — $1,150,000 — Capitol Hill East
    Open Sun. 2-4PM — Joel Nelson
    That’s one helluva master bathroom.
  • 5511 Colorado Ave NW #401 — $477,000 — 16th Street Heights
    Open Sun. 1-3PM — Brett West
    One of the larger 2-bedroom condos we’ve seen lately.
  • 5000 6th Place NE — $499,000 — Brookland
    Open Sun. 1-4PM — Jacob Abbott
    That basement bedroom is perfect for your reclusive, cranky teenager.

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By criminal defense attorney Thomas Soldan, who is barred and practices in the state of Virginia, with Price Benowitz LLP. Soldan has focused his practice on reckless driving, DUI/DWI, traffic, and personal injury litigation.

We are all aware that you can be cited for driving too fast, but many drivers do not realize that you can also be cited by police for driving too slow. Traveling well below the speed limit can be just as dangerous as speeding.

This can be particularly true when you are traveling on the highway. Drivers should be aware that anyone who is traveling in the left lane should be going the speed limit. If you are traveling below the speed limit, you need to be in the right lane of the highway.

And now in Virginia, lawmakers have passed a law that says if you are traveling too slow in the left lane, you can be fined.

Although it can be frustrating for drivers who get stuck behind a slow-moving left-lane driver, the law was passed because of the serious safety issues that occur when this happens. Many times, the faster-moving vehicle is forced to swerve into another lane when they suddenly come upon a slow-moving one. Another danger that can happen when the faster-moving vehicle comes upon the slow-moving one is they may be forced to quickly reduce speed, which can lead to a domino-effect, multi-car crash for any other vehicles traveling in the left lane.

For drivers who are slowly traveling in the left lane and get stopped by law enforcement, the fine is up to $250. Another thing to keep in mind is that this is a primary law, meaning police can pull you over for the violation and also use the stop to check for other, secondary violations.

Attorney Thomas Soldan reminds drivers that any traffic violation you receive can eventually affect your driving record and that is why you should contact a Virginia traffic violation attorney. “Drivers who receive multiple citations can end up with added points to their license, resulting in increased insurance premiums. Depending on a person’s driving history, enough points can eventually lead to a suspension of their driver’s license.”

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This column is written by Metro DC Houses, a local real estate team serving DC, MD, VA made up of Colin Johnson, the current President for the D.C. Association of Realtors and Christopher Suranna, the President Elect for D.C. Association of Realtors.

Hello PoPville, we would like wish everyone a wonderful Happy New Years. We wanted to warm everyone’s heart with a story that broke in December. We had the pleasure to meet Robin McKenney, who recently went from homelessness to homeownership.

Her story started when her subsidized home became uninhabitable which lead to a series of bureaucratic issues with her and her family ending up in one of the local hotels that stand in as temporary shelters for some of DC’s neediest residents. It was along that path that Robin was inspired to make a decision; the best way she could prevent this from happening again is to have ownership of her own property or as she says, “I now have the key to the city.”

We sat down with her to learn about her journey and what experiences she had with what the city has to offer for individuals looking to own. So how did she do it?

All of the below resources and descriptions are brief explanations and each of these programs have different requirements and limitations.

Robin had talked a lot about the support she received from LaRuby May, so we thought to reach out to her and hear her side of Robin’s journey. When speaking with former council member LaRuby May, who now owns The May Firm Pllc. Ms. May was an architect several years ago with an initiative called Move To Work Designation, which allows subsidized voucher recipients to use some of that money to assist in the payment of homes they own. In addition, there are several non-profit organizations that Robin was also able to coordinate with in order to facilitate with down payment assistance, credit repair and general education on homeownership responsibilities. (more…)

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Real Estate Fresh Finds is a weekly selection of newly-listed properties in the District, brought to you by Real Living At Home. 

It’s one of the dirtiest times of the year–whether your car is covered in rock salt and dirty snow or your winter boots track in mud leaving dirt and puddles–life is just gross both inside and out. So if you’re sick of that fully carpeted condo or dark hardwood that shows every filthy footprint, why not get out in this warm(er) weekend and find a home that actually fits your lifestyle. Check out some of our Fresh Finds below to get the process rolling:

  • An $8.2 mil ‘mixed-use’ townhouse in Eastern Market with 3 levels of retail/office space and a 4th with 2 apartments makes this our most unique Most Expensive Home of the Week.
  • Petworth townhouse described as “Three levels, ready for your vision. Property will not last long. Property has a detached garage. Will not last.”
  • This 2-bedroom in The L at City Vista is a rare REO/Bank-Owned Property of the Week.
  • You’d think a seller would at least use some photos that don’t include a child in the dark, but alas, not for this Worst Photos of the Week.
  • A studio in Lanier Heights for under $200k is a primely located Cheapest Home of the Week (as long as you don’t mind zoo noises).

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For being the first week of the New Year, there’s a surprising amount of open houses occurring this weekend–nearly 200. While this single digit weather isn’t too enticing for touring homes, the fact that those homes are on the market mean these places need sold ASAP. Throw on that long underwear, parka and 3 pairs of socks and go out and find your new home today.

For the entire DC Open House List click here.

  • 1623 11th Place NE — $725,000 — Trinidad
    Open Sat. 12-2PM — Erika Parker
    More blue in this house than a Smurf hut.
  • 800 4th Street SW #S104 — $275,000 — Southwest Waterfront
    Open Sun. 1-4PM — Scott Carpenter
    Zero bedrooms, 1 bathroom & 2 balconies.
  • 50 Florida Avenue NE #221 — $801,950 — Eckington
    Open Sun. 12-4PM — Jennie Mann
    If the condo is as nice as the renderings, this place will be incredible.
  • 3454 Nash Place SE — $595,000 — Penn Branch
    Open Sun. 1-3PM — Ann Young
    “Stunning Top-Down New Renovation.”
  • 2016 Hillyer Place NW — $2,250,000 — Dupont Circle
    Open Sat. & Sun. 1-3PM — Nora Burke
    Only 3 bedrooms, but it does have a fireplace in the master bathroom.

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This column is written and sponsored by D.C. real estate agent and Edgewood resident Jessica Evans. Email her questions at  [email protected].

Whether you are planning to buy a house in 2018 or 5 years from now, it’s never too early to start planning. I’m sure that I sound like a broken record when I say that buying any kind of real estate is one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make, and that careful planning and preparation will help to ensure that your investment fits your objectives.

Knowing where to start when you are thinking about buying a home can be more than a little overwhelming, but let’s take it one step at a time. Like many aspects of buying a home, I can’t promise that it will be fun, but I can promise that it will be worthwhile.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with you my recommendations on each step of the home buying process, from planning and figuring out how you will pay for the house to the actual search.

Step 1: Define your objectives

I know that those email alerts that you get from Zillow or Redfin are super tempting, but I would caution that until you have a clear outline of your objectives it’s really easy to get off track and distracted before you ever even begin your search (If you’ve already done this, thats OK too, we can always work backwards if you’ve gotten ahead of yourself).

It’s completely natural to be excited and want to jump right into a home search, but I can’t caution strongly enough that in order to have a successful experience and outcome, planning is needed. (note: for the purposes of this post, and all of my posts, a house or home is not defined by a specific type of physical structure, whether its a condo, tiny house, McMansion or anything in-between).

The number one mistake that I see buyers make is getting ahead of themselves, finding a home that they think they want to buy before they have clearly defined their objectives. I definitely understand that the charm and character are irresistible, or the location is amazing, and that you will feel like you have found a once in a lifetime opportunity. (more…)


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