From the office of the DC Attorney General:

“Today, Attorney General Karl A. Racine announced that Getaround, Inc., a car sharing company that operates in numerous cities throughout the United States will be required to pay $950,000 to the District; restitution to car owners that experienced theft or damage to their vehicles while listed on the platform; and revise its business practices after allegedly misrepresenting the benefits and nature of its car sharing services, operating without a license in the District, and failing to pay District sales tax. Read More


“Dear PoPville,

Has anyone ever had any luck reversing/getting a refund on Uber toll fees on an Uber or Lyft ride from DC to our area?

I recently rode with an Uber driver who did not have an EZPass and chose to take I-66 instead of the toll road which added significant time to the trip. I checked my reciept and was still charged for the toll.

The EZPass is available at no extra cost to Uber drivers and I suppose I’ll be asking or looking for one whenever I board an Uber…”


“Dear PoPville,

I just had the worst experience with an uber (Thursday night). I requested an Uber XL to pick me up from a baan siam and drop me home. The uber arrived opened the the trunk of his car. I asked him to flip down the back seat so we could get my wheelchair in. The driver said okay, got in his car and drove away canceling the trip. Read More


Photo by John Sonderman

“Dear PoPville,

I recently took ownership over a family pet after a tragic accident. The pup is doing well, but she needs a vet visit.

My question is 2-fold:

1. Can anyone recommend a car share service they currently like and use – thinking ZipCar or what was Car2Go? I’ve never wanted/needed to own a car (I was born in DC and have lived exclusively in metro areas with great public transit)…but I’m finding myself wishing I had a car more and more. (I currently live in Mt. Pleasant….so parking is a nightmare).

2. The real reason I need a rec is because I need to take my dog to an important vet appointment and I’m cautious of trying to find a dog friendly uber/lyft.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Never thought I’d be navigating this!”


Thanks to Ben, Brian and Jeff for sending from Penske Dash:

“As you all know, we are living through an unprecedented time in history. The ripple effects of the current situation extend far and wide and have affected many businesses’ ability to serve and support their customers. Unfortunately, Penske Dash is no exception. It is with great regret that we must cease our operations in Washington DC and Arlington, including the cancellation of your membership. Our last day of service will be Friday, April 10, 2020. Read More


via Uber

Ed. Note: We spoke about the Ford self driving tests here.

From Uber:

“Uber Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) announced today it will begin data collection for self-driving vehicles on Washington, D.C. roads beginning Friday, January 24th. ATG self-driving vehicles – operated by two human drivers, better known as Mission Specialists – will collect road data to support the development of Uber’s self-driving vehicle technology. The announcement was made today by Uber ATG’s CEO Eric Meyhofer at the Washington Auto Show. Read More


Update: “Car2Gone”

Updated title courtesy Clint Lohse.

Or Car2Go – Gone. At any rate, whoa indeed. Thanks to John (and everyone else) for passing on:

“It’s with a heavy heart that we must share that our last day of SHARE NOW (car2go) service in North America, which includes Washington, D.C. and Arlington County, will be February 29, 2020. Read More


Photo by Flickr user 42Jules

There was a time my friends. There was a time. If you pissed off the Gods and were last to be dropped off, I’d put it at about the 5th circle overall. If you were first, right on right on. Ed. Note: You were never first.

From CNN:

“Commuter company SuperShuttle, which has ferried fliers to and from dozens of airports since 1983, said it will shut down permanently effective December 31.”

Please share your most memorable SuperShuttle experience – I’ve repressed mine.


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