letter was signed by six neighbors

“Dear PoPville,

Background: I’ve been living in the house here for over a year, and have never had any issues with our trash cans being lined up in the alley. Furthermore, there are several large trash bins and other smaller trash cans in the alley as well (belonging to the condo building). There’s nowhere else for us to keep our trash bins (DC has been faithfully picking them up and emptying them from the alley for well over a year), and when we moved our bins to the front of the house after an initial request, they were not emptied. Read More


Thanks to Camden for sending from Capitol Hill: “I saw this near Lincoln Park NE on Saturday (5/22). Both notes were inside the car’s dashboard window.

What is so “DC” is that the car owner saw the note, put it inside their car, wrote and printed a response note and displayed it for the original note writer to see.” Read More


5th and Kennedy Street, NW

Thanks to Christopher for sending: “Any word on this? Opening up right next to the new bread establishment kennedy!”

Anyone hear anything?

While we wait on details, allow me to share this classic note from your neighbor because it cracks me up every time I randomly come across it: “you are a SHELFISH, IGNORANT LOSER” Read More


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