Not that we’ve determined that home roof decks are indeed worth the coin.

“Dear PoPville,

With real estate prices going through the roof [Ed. Note: please let that pun be intended], I wanted to find out how much popping up a row house generally costs? One friend spent $275k. Is that normal?”

For those who’ve had it done, how much did it cost?


“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to both let you know and ask for your help in regards to a permit for a pop-up that has somehow been granted for 70 W Street NW, after our neighborhood has fought so hard to obtain a historic district designation. It is my neighborhood’s understanding that pop-ups and any other major alterations to the facade of the homes here are illegal, and would require the permission of the historic district in order to proceed. Read More


Ask and you shall receive. Thanks to Betsy for suggesting from this morning’s rant/revel post:

“Does anyone know what’s going on with 1210 Kennedy St NW? (I think it’s 1210 – it’s on Kennedy between 13th and Georgia, much closer to Georgia.) What looks like a two-story pop-up is being built on top of the existing townhouse. I thought that wasn’t allowed anymore? I’m not criticizing/complaining, just honestly curious.”


Photo by Jefferson Morley

Jefferson writes:

“First pop up in Mount Pleasant? 1700 block of Kenyon St. The pop up is not visible from Kenyon Street, so the design Nazis, I mean, historic preservationists, cannot complain.”

In fairness, Mount Pleasant is a historic district. So maybe this is the solution?



Thanks to a reader for sending:

“There are two new pop ups on Sherman Ave that are about a block away from one another. The builders of the 3000 block pop (the one with the three windows) did a pretty good job at trying to match the existing architecture of the neighboring houses.”


“The other pop up on the 3200 block (the one with one window) just looks awkward.”




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