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The Good, the Bad and/or the Ugly on Sherman Ave

by Prince Of Petworth March 31, 2016 at 3:00 pm 11 Comments


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“There are two new pop ups on Sherman Ave that are about a block away from one another. The builders of the 3000 block pop (the one with the three windows) did a pretty good job at trying to match the existing architecture of the neighboring houses.”


“The other pop up on the 3200 block (the one with one window) just looks awkward.”



  • Grant Circle

    The second one looks like they parked the No Homers Club on top of a row house.

  • JS

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a couple of predictions. A) The 3000 block pop up will have no trouble selling its unit and B) they will go for noticeably more than the units in the fugly 3200 block pop up.

  • ET

    The first is an example of why I don’t have a problem with pop-ups. The second is an illustration of why I do. With the first one they took more than 5 min. to make it sympathetic. Not all have to be just like this to be sympathetic but this is a good example of a thoughtful process. The second one illustrates a flipper who doesn’t know what they are doing and didn’t even take a min. and looks like it just got plopped on top. And honestly when it comes to the second one, that casual an attitude about something that is very visible should be warning flags and very loud sirens to any buyer, that they should beware of what they can’t see.

  • tacopuss

    Why is this tagged as Columbia Heights?

    • Anonymous

      Because it is in that neighborhood?

  • Egad

    I’m usually not a big fan of pop ups but the first one blends in really well. I love the detailed molding at the top. I feel sorry for the neighbors by the second one. It really messed up that row’s roof line. Also, you can’t tell from these pictures but the second one is humongous and extends back really far. It’s like a shed parked on top on the house! Another greedy house-flipper.

  • petworther

    Top one looks great. There are actually a few other nice ones on Sherman recently too. Hopefully developers are realizing it pays off to have taste.

  • Bloomy

    Ha! I was so confused! I thought the second home was just the back (albeit unattractive) side of the first one… Props to the first home’s developer… nice work.

  • Hill Denizen

    Oh goodness, I thought that was the back of the house. If they gave so few f*s about the front, I don’t want to know what the actual construction is like.

  • crazz

    The second one, which is further north on Sherman than the first, is terrible.

    The project has taken over two years so far and I doubt they are close to getting the C of O. The other design issue that you can’t see from the pics is that they tried to save as much money on windows as possible – windows in the back (all floors) are tiny – like code minimum tiny. Just another crappy job from a developer who didn’t know what they are doing and some poor family will end up buying it.

  • Uh oh

    Is a situation like pop-up #2, do the neighbors have any recourse? I would think that the terrible pop-up would hurt their home values. Are the neighbors just screwed or is there any action they can take against the developer?


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