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“Dear PoPville,

Around 9am this morning, my husband and I were dropping our son off at daycare when we noticed one of the owners running out onto Bladensburg Rd. It was then that we realized he was attempting to help an elderly woman who was struck in the crosswalk across Bladensburg Rd. NE at the intersection of Oates/K St. NE. Since we happened upon the scene shortly after it occurred, it was unclear how the hit occurred. There was a white SUV that pulled over and the driver was out helping, but I can’t be sure that is the car that struck the woman. Several passersby and drivers stopped their cars to shield the woman on the ground and we saw emergency response heading that way shortly after. She was conscious when we saw her.

The hit and run accident I also mentioned (in a tweet) occurred on March 21 on Oates St. NE. Read More


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