Washington, DC

5010 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Nice to see some new liquor license placards getting posted despite it all. This one for Rosemary says:

“A new Retailer’s Class C Restaurant with a seating capacity of 60 and Total Occupancy Load of 60. Sidewalk Café with 15 seats.”

Obviously we’ll see what happens with the indoor seating capacity but the outdoor seating looks promising: Read More



From DC Water:

“The National Park Service (NPS) has completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) and approved DC Water’s proposed Soapstone Valley Park Sewer Rehabilitation Project. Soapstone Valley Park is managed by Rock Creek Park and is located southeast of the intersection of Connecticut Avenue NW and Albemarle Street NW, extending to Broad Branch Road NW.

DC Water has determined that the Soapstone Valley Park sanitary sewer system has exceeded its design life and is in need of rehabilitation. Through this project, DC Water will rehabilitate aging sewer infrastructure within Soapstone Valley Park while limiting disturbances to park resources.

The EA described a No Action Alternative and a Trenchless Alternative (DC Water’s Preferred Alternative) for the proposed project and identified and evaluated the impacts on natural and historic resources from implementing these alternatives. The NPS has selected the Trenchless Alternative for the project.

The proposed project will involve the following: Read More


5029 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to Ben for sending: “The Muchas Gracias “Delivery and Take-out Pop-Up” opened a couple weeks ago on Connecticut Ave. between Buck’s and Sugar Fox. This is in the Buckaroos space. Initial impression: tasty. They don’t have a proper sign, but they do have a website, which seems more important these days.”

Their website says: “Muchas Gracias Mercadito is a contact-less Delivery and Take-out Pop-Up.

In a response to our community’s needs, we offer grocery items, delicious prepared foods, and a menu inspired by the flavors of Latin America.

Part of our mission is to support immigrant workers who often go unseen – especially in these difficult times. With your support we supply free, delivered meals and farm-direct pantry boxes to families in need. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to organizations supporting immigrant workers.

We look forward to feeding you ALL!
Created in partnership with our neighbors,
Buck’s Fishing + Camping and Comet Ping Pong.

Donations will benefit Tables Without Borders and Friends and Family Meal, amongst others.”

Order here.


5029 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to Jaqueline for sending the Buckaroos update on Friday. Ed. Note: Now the Besta sign is turned around. Back in November we reported that Buckaroos “Restaurant Serving family-style Californian food” was coming to former Besta Pizza space near Politics and Prose and Comet Ping Pong. Anyone get a preview taste?

Peep some early menus: Read More


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