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1743 Lincoln Road, NE

“Dear PoPville,

Extreme city and environmental waste going on at Harry Thomas rec center. The Harry Thomas pool is overflowing and DPR is closed. The water is running at full strength. Do you know anyone who may be able to turn it off this holiday weekend?”

Ed. Note: I’m tagging 311, DPR and Ward 5 reps on twitter, hopefully someone will be able to address.

Update from DPR on twitter “We will address this. Thanks for flagging.”

“Dear PoPville,

Friday night around 2am my friend was looking for a parking spot by my home. Guy behind us kept flashing his high beams at us – got inpatient and then floored it across Harry Thomas Way/3rd st. He then hit 4 parked cars and flipped his own car. Read More

photo courtesy Enchant This Credit: Nathaniel Tetsuro Paolinelli

From a press release:

Enchant This is a photography exhibition that brings the state of New Mexico to the nation’s capital.  The only thing more beautiful than the stunning landscape of New Mexico is its magical culture.  This exhibition is an intimate portrait of the southwestern state, told by two amazing New Mexico-based photographers, Read More

“3rd and T NE, but it covered quite a few acres.”

“Dear PoPville,

Most of these photos are from the early 1900s, certainly pre-WWI. The little book I have dates from about 1910, so I think the school opened around 1905 and closed just before WWI. My g-grandfather, the Rev. Flournoy Menefee, purchased the mansion (which I believe was a hotel at the time) and converted it to the Washington College for Ladies (see ad).

He had previously been the president of a woman’s college in Liberty, Missouri. My grandmother and her siblings grew up in the manor with chefs, servants, gardeners, and other employees. Read More


1611 Eckington Pl NE #150 via Brooklyn Boulders

Thanks to Peter for passing on: “Brooklyn Boulders just sold their brand new Eckington bouldering gym to Bouldering Project. they also sold their Boston and Brooklyn gyms.”

The press release says:

“As of today, the Bouldering Project has acquired our three Brooklyn Boulders locations in Brooklyn, D.C., and Boston. And while that means you may see some new signage in your facility, you’ll continue to experience the best-in-class climbing experience you’ve come to expect from us. You’ll also continue to see many of the friendly faces from the Brooklyn Boulders team.

Much like BKB, the Bouldering Project strives to create spaces where all individuals can feel a sense of belonging in our sport and culture. Read More


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