At Long Last – Social, Located at 14th and Meridian Streets, NW; Opens Saturday at 4pm!

by Prince Of Petworth August 27, 2009 at 11:18 pm 37 Comments


I along with many others (based on the emails I’ve received) have eagerly been anticipating the opening of Columbia Heights’ newest restaurant. I’m happy to announce that Social will open this Saturday! The bar opens at 4pm and dinner service begins at 6pm. I showed a sneak preview of the spot here. I was lucky enough to attend a mock service on Thursday evening. I gotta say, the food was amazing and the vibe was phenomenal. My overall feeling was that this is going to be a great date spot. Since so many new restaurants have recently opened up what is hard to articulate is what makes one really great. All I can say is that the vibe is what makes a new spot great. It’s what makes the recently opened wine bar Room 11 great and it’s what makes the nearby Red Derby great. Vibe is essential and thankfully Social has it in spades. But you’ll have to judge for yourself. The idea of various sized plates to share worked perfectly. And the fact that the place looks great doesn’t hurt either. I’m psyched to hear what you guys think of the place.

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  • Naomi

    Sounds great and especially that its a nice date place – I love date night with the husband. We will definitely check this place out in a few weeks.

  • Anonymous

    Looks better than the W! Makes me want to linger longer.

  • chef mike

    thanks for the kind words pop

  • RD

    I’m excited. Wondering- did they have the balls to go through with the whole concept and sit strangers together at the same table?

  • New2CH

    Looks absolutely gorgeous. These guys deserve major props for transforming a dilapidated, hideous building, on a previously less-than-hospitable / obvious block for a new business, in a terrible economy, without backing from a national chain, without cutting any corners. I hope their faith in this investment pays off. Very few places in CH have a really nice, unique atmosphere where design considerations are not ignored (I’d include Rumberos, Commonwealth, Room 11, Red Derby, this place), always great to add another. So long as the food is good, I’ll be there often.

  • Kalorini

    I’ve heard about AJ and Scott talk about this bar for years–and I am so proud of them for making it happen. It looks absolutely beautiful, and I can’t want for a nice glass of wine and some seriously tasty food 🙂

    Congratulations guys!!

  • Sarah

    Congrats guys!!!!

  • Matt G

    Is there a website we can visit for the food and drink menu?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    My bad, there Web site is here:


  • Pennywise

    Do they have a big salad bar like Ruby Tuesdays? snicker snicker…

  • Hobbs

    Hmmm $13 for milk and cookies, those better be some damn good cookies!! (which I would most likely pay for 🙂

  • MegDC

    So excited! I saw people in there last night on my way back from the Derby and was wondering why. Definitely gonna try to hit it up next week.

  • Anonymous

    Social is the one I’m least excited about among our new openings. Their website is douchey and they seem to not *get* Columbia Heights. They go on and on about how it’s “the hottest neighborhood in DC.” That vibe doesn’t appeal to me at all. Nor does their continued denial that their menu constitutes tapas.

    I predict they will turn out like Policy, a place that’s just trying way too hard to be hip.

  • Anonymous

    Also, PoP, curious as to whether their opening will include Columbia Heights Day specials or anything else CH Day related.

    They’ve made a big show about how excited they are for the neighborhood. CH day is the biggest neighborhood fete of the year.

  • Triple Nickel

    Anon 11:30 – What do you want their website to say “it’s a second class neighborhood in NW”? …go hug a tree and drown your sorrows at the Derby. I predict no one cares if the vibe appeals to you… why would you b*tch about something before you even experienced it?

    Here’s to the ownership for their entrepreneural spirit… always welcome enterprising individuals in the neighborhood, be sure it’s not full of anon 11:30’s.

  • chef mike

    what we are trying to provide is some variety. you can only have so many cheap watering holes. don’t get me wrong, i frequent many of these places.tapas, is predominately small portion spanish and Mediterranean bar food. we on the other hand offer dishes influenced from around the world in three different sizes. so call it tapas, call it mezze, call it whatever you want. just don’t bash us until you have tried it, then if you don’t like it, write about us on yelp or whatever website you want. or just maybe you might enjoy yourself.

  • Anonymous

    @Triple Nickle
    Seems regrettable that the neighborhood consists of people like you who call their neighbors names even though I provided some reasons about why I’m not as excited about Social as I am the other new openings. Room 11 is a great example of what I personally like in a new place opening in Columbia Heights.

    @chef mike
    I will try it and thanks for responding without the vitriol of the poster before you. Will Social be engaging in Columbia Heights Day at all?

  • chef mike

    we won’t be at the festival, seeing as it’s our first day and due to some major delays in opening. but we are part of the “after dark” portion. we will be running a beer special that is consistent with the other places. next year we will be more involved during the actual festival.

  • Lauren from ColHeights


  • I can’t wait. I’ve been anxiously waiting for this place to open. Woohoo!

  • Triple Nickel

    Anon 12:06 – as much as I enjoy pissing matches on Friday… I called you no name. You’re not excited because of a “douchey” website… i think it’s time for you to turn off Halo and go walk around in the rain. No need to be such a negative nancy… it’s friday!

  • Anonymous

    I live down the block on Meridian and pass it ever day. I can’t wait to be a barfly where everybody knows my name.

  • Sleepy

    So happy!

  • me-n-luc

    If you don’t mind my asking, who provided the design and architecture for the space?

  • @me-n-luc: Our design came from in-house. Our amazing owners Scott Hammons & Tim Korzep created the interior space with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams furniture. It was a combined effort that could not be reproduced without the help and support we had from friends and family.

  • me-n-luc

    Thanks for the info. From the photos, it looks like you all did a great job. I look forward to seeing it in person.

  • StrongandHandsome

    It’s no Ruby Tuesday’s, but we’ll check it out.

  • Alicia

    I see you have the best talent in D.C. – With Mike and Joe… you can’t go wrong! I will be there indeed! In between my overseas tours, of course.

  • El Gringo

    Coming from a guy who loves the Derby (there last night for a late night pint), I’m loving the website music choice! I’m assuming that it’s clueing the public in about the vibe at Social, and if so…I’m all about it!

    The pic of the main room looks awesome too….not sure what anon1130 means by “doesn’t get CH”…After 5 yrs of living here, CH (and surrounding hoods) to me *is* the hottest place in DC becuase of its *MIX*….multi-ethnic, multi-scene, multi-price point….Everywhere else in DC seems only able to deliver 1 flavor at a time…

    Anyway, I’m planning a party for my wife’s birthday there for Sat the 5th…Hopefully we can fill the house that night!

  • Lauren

    Congrats! Soooo excited for you! I know it will be a total success! We have a new hotspot here in Miami that did something similar and has 3 or 4 different “sizes” or portions with a variety of food from around the world. Its a major hit and I know yours will be too! Cant wait try it! Oh it looks beautiful too! Very posh! Wow!

  • Maggie

    I cannot wait to try Social. The combined experience of the team that put Social together is sure to deliver an amazing concept.

  • Henock

    looking forward to it!

  • Henock

    Just curious, can’t tell from the pictures, do you have tables for 4 that isn’t social 🙂 for private dinners ?

  • Totally. Even though the concept is very “share” oriented, the fact that some people want their own space is still a part of any service concept. A large table, or an area of the 1st floor offers a unique experience for an entire group. This spot is dynamic, which is rare for restaurants.
    The down side is that part of experience is not feeling rushed. So be ready to wait in line for Social. Sure that sounds dumb, but the truth is who wants to be rushed when they’re having a good time? All in all, I’d say that CH is truly continuing to sprout.
    If you’re looking to get some great food, with awesome service…give Social a try, but really, don’t take my word for it.

  • New2CH

    Anyone try it?

  • Frank

    My wife and I just happened to be walking by and saw it was open and stopped in for a drink. We were met at the door by the manager who was very friendly and gave us a little tour and some info – the part I remember is that they plan to start serving brunch in a few weeks. We already had dinner plans, so we didn’t try the food, but the menu looked like it had some interesting things. The prices looked reasonable – not cheap, but reasonable. Beer was a bit expensive.

    We settled into one of the cozy couches downstairs with a beer for me and a fruity, non-alcoholic invention cooked up by the bartender for my (pregnant) wife.

    Our feeling is that we may not be trendy enough to be there on a weekend night, but we’ll look forward to being there in the more quiet times.

  • El Gringo

    I had a great time tonight at Social…great food (try a salvo of sliders!) great drinks and great service from the the management, the floor staff and the bar staff. Taking my wife the for her birthday party was a major success. The liquid chocolate desert was the shizzle!!


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