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I along with many others (based on the emails I’ve received) have eagerly been anticipating the opening of Columbia Heights’ newest restaurant. I’m happy to announce that Social will open this Saturday! The bar opens at 4pm and dinner service begins at 6pm. I showed a sneak preview of the spot here. I was lucky enough to attend a mock service on Thursday evening. I gotta say, the food was amazing and the vibe was phenomenal. My overall feeling was that this is going to be a great date spot. Since so many new restaurants have recently opened up what is hard to articulate is what makes one really great. All I can say is that the vibe is what makes a new spot great. It’s what makes the recently opened wine bar Room 11 great and it’s what makes the nearby Red Derby great. Vibe is essential and thankfully Social has it in spades. But you’ll have to judge for yourself. The idea of various sized plates to share worked perfectly. And the fact that the place looks great doesn’t hurt either. I’m psyched to hear what you guys think of the place.

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