Missed Connection – at DCA

Photo by Hilary-Morgan Watt

“Dear PoPville,

On Friday, July 30th, I spoke with someone for a regrettably short amount of time at a bar in Terminal B of DCA before I had to board my flight. She was off to a wedding in Chicago and I was visiting family in San Francisco. We discussed the weird TV being played,

how difficult it is to decipher the Olympic schedule, and the debatable value of getting to an airport as early as we did. I vastly appreciated her support while I asked for the check and waited, seemingly endlessly, as my flight actively boarded which unfortunately distracted me too much to ask for her name or number. A fact I regretted as soon as I stepped on the plane (which I was able to board successfully).

If you read this, it’d be great to meet up for drinks (or french fries) sometime without the airport vibes, hope we can connect!”

Ed. Note: If this is you, please email [email protected] so I can put you in touch with OP. For those curious about past missed connections, some have been made and when possible I’ll try to update when/if more are made.

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