Washington, DC

Photo by Joanna Hiatt Kim

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We received the first report at 10:09pm last night (Wednesday):

“Seriously, what’s with the explosion sounds (similar to a generator blowing) that we’ve heard several times in Fort Totten? The power has gone out several times again.”

“Same! We are without power near Fort Totten metro – two or three huge booms tonight. Same thing earlier this morning, but luckily power just flickered then.”

“The loud bangs are continuing. In the past the loud bangs came first, then we lost power. Tonight I only heard the bangs after we lost power. Intermittent sirens somewhere nearby.”

“It’s a transformer or some power line on 12th between Allison and Buchanen, it’s been exploding every couple days. Pepco was working on it earlier today after it happened, but just happened again minutes ago”

“One of our friends in Takoma said she went out too. Only half of our n’hood off Gallatin between South Dakota and Sargent is back on.”

“So Pepco has been stationed right outside my apartment since this morning. They are working on something underground and I’ve heard booms and loud noises all day. They’re still out there working and my lights flickered a couple times as well. No clue what the problem is”

“Same! Power is out. Had flickering this morning now totally gone. I saw several Pepco trucks earlier on South Dakota Ave.”

“Power flickers in petworth too”

“I was on my front porch and the entire skyline over near Catholic U/Ft Totten turned green multiple times. Then major power issues, street light blown out front, my lights in the house on and off in a very rough way over and over. I fear Pepco may have just had a major electrical issues in DC.”

“The lights flickered 3 times here in Brightwood within the last 10 min.”

“Flickers in MtP too .”

“Brownouts in Petworth tonight, kinda wild. Curious if anyone knows what’s going on?”

“power flickered multiple times tonight in Columbia Heights”

“Building too fast around metro without updating outdated infrastructure so stupid and irresponsible. Update power grid and sewer lines before you build houses and condos.”


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