South Dakota and Delafield St NE

“Dear PoPville,

There has been a sign for Z Burger at the convenience store (formerly Four Seasons, now DC Supermart) at South Dakota and Delafield St NE for months – maybe a year?? When I was there last night, I asked about it and the owner said it will open by the end of this month. Read More


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From the Mayor’s Office:

“Following two consecutive days of clear samples for most of the Advisory area, DC Water is lifting the Boil Water Advisory for a portion of the impacted area. DC Water has determined boundaries for a smaller impacted area which will remain under a Boil Water Advisory until two consecutive days of clear samples are obtained. Customers can view the interactive map or call the 24-Hour Command Center at (202) 612-3400 to verify if their residence falls within the area still affected. Customers located in the impacted area should continue boiling water for drinking and cooking until further notice.

Customers who are not located in this updated Advisory area can use tap water after running cold-water taps for 10 minutes before returning to normal water usage. Running the cold-water tap will replace water sitting in pipes during the advisory with fresh water from the water main.

The impact area which remains under an Advisory includes portions of neighborhoods in Queens Chapel, Michigan Park, North Michigan Park, Chillum Station and Terra Cotta.

It is anticipated sample results for the remaining impact area will be analyzed by Sunday morning, August 8.

Customers still affected by the boil water advisory should continue to follow these precautions: Read More


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From MPD: “On Thursday, February 25, 2021, at approximately 3:30 p.m. Fourth District units responded for a one car accident in the 1700 block of Michigan Avenue NE. Upon arriving the officer discovered the driver appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. As the Officers were conducting their investigating the Driver armed himself with a gun and refused to exit the vehicle. After hours of negations the driver surrendered peacefully without incident and was placed under arrest.”

One reader wrote around 8pm: “I can imagine what is going on with the police barricade situation going on for over 4 hours on Michigan Ave NE. There isn’t much info but I hope everyone stays safe.”

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“Dear PoPville,

Writing to share a brief story of many good Samaritans I encountered on Sunday while on my bike in upper Brookland/North Michigan Park. I was riding in the neighborhood on my way to College Park when my bike basically broke down thanks to recurring tire issues I’ve been dealing with. I set up on a street corner in the grass trying to fix the problem for about 45 minutes Read More


Photo by Joanna Hiatt Kim

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We received the first report at 10:09pm last night (Wednesday):

“Seriously, what’s with the explosion sounds (similar to a generator blowing) that we’ve heard several times in Fort Totten? The power has gone out several times again.”

“Same! We are without power near Fort Totten metro – two or three huge booms tonight. Same thing earlier this morning, but luckily power just flickered then.”

“The loud bangs are continuing. In the past the loud bangs came first, then we lost power. Tonight I only heard the bangs after we lost power. Intermittent sirens somewhere nearby.”

“It’s a transformer or some power line on 12th between Allison and Buchanen, it’s been exploding every couple days. Pepco was working on it earlier today after it happened, but just happened again minutes ago” Read More


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