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  • AMDCer

    Wow – I’ve never noticed the iron work on the Otello building, or the Otello building at all, for that matter.

  • Trinidaddy

    mmm freshley

    • B’Dale Res

      Is that some sort of herb?

      • IDontGetIt


  • exiledinarlington

    As a former Duponter, now relocated to Arlington, I can tell you that Super Pollo was one of the best reasons to move across the river.

    • Tom

      I am you in reverse, lol. Super Pollo was among the first things I discovered when I moved to Arlington, and I’ve missed living up the street from it after moving back into the District.

  • David

    I’ve gone to Pollo Sabroso for years and it’s great, but Super Pollo’s chicken and yucca are superior.

  • Greg

    This is exciting. Super Pollo has much better chicken than any of the comparable places that I have been to in the city and a huge selection of excellent sides.

    About 7-8 years ago I saw Gilbert Arenas in the Super Pollo parking lot in Ballston. He was leaning on the side of his Maybach, talking on his cell phone about physical therapy.

  • jumpingjack

    Super Pollo is solid. I still give a slight edge to Pollo Rico’s chicken, but Super Pollo’s sides are vastly superior. So for lunch, when I don’t tend to supply my own sides, I’d prefer Super Pollo.
    I so miss working up here. So many great lunch options.

  • oh2dc


  • MadMax

    Super Pollo is fantastic. Even if the quality dips off some they should do well.


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