• jim_ed

    ….that looks more like Kerry Washington than Michelle Obama…

    • sigh

      no, not really.

    • Anon

      They’re both black, female, and attractive. So I guess you’re not entirely wrong? Definitely looks like Michelle Obama to me. Wonderful portrait.

    • V

      Can you do that?

  • Gumball

    WOW. lovely

  • Michelle 2020

    Downright presidential. If ever you change your mind, Michelle, you’ve got my vote.

  • Gorgeous.

  • NewKidinBloomingdale

    Amazing portrait. I feel like her expression is saying “Really guys? We can do better than this.” And she ain’t wrong.

  • Sasha

    So beautiful!

  • V

    Maggie O’Neill is an amazingly talented artist and an amazing person. Such a supporter of artists in DC and beyond. Great lady to know


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