Demoed lot in front of new building at 7th and Massachusetts Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader a for sending a link to this interview on 94.7 Fresh FM:

“…they are getting ready to open another RPM Italian restaurant right here in Washington, D.C.

“It’s under construction right now. It’s the old NPR building right in Downtown D.C. You’ll see that whole process [on the show].” They hope to open the restaurant by 2015.”

The old NPR building was demoed in June 2013 and the office space has been leased to the Arnold & Porter law firm. NPR’s new home is at 1111 North Capitol Street, NE in NoMa. I hadn’t realized there would be retail/restaurant space too. You can see RPM Italian’s menus here.

Side note: I still think keeping those old buildings looks cool at the other new building next door to where this one is coming:


Update from Walmart:

“It was a mistake at the store level. We immediately corrected the number as soon as we became aware. The top numbers were changed to 20 items or less.”

917 5th Street, NW

Silo opened up a few months ago back in January. Not sure how many folks have already checked them out but you can see their new full new menu here: SILO Spring Menu April 2014

Lots more info from a press release:


Michael Walters, Chef

Chef Michael Walters has joined the Silo team as a consulting Chef who has revamped the menu with Modern American Bistro Food. He spends his mornings as the Production Chef at Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant, and the evenings in the kitchen at Silo.

Chef Walters got his start in the restaurant business working for the renowned Jean-Louis Palladin at his famed Jean-Louis Restaurant at The Watergate. Palladin quickly promoted Walters from dishwasher to grill cook, teaching Walters how to grill the perfect steak. From there, Walters went on to work as a chef in the kitchens of other well-known DC chefs Michel Richard, José Andres, and Roberto Donna. Eventually, Walters branched out and opened his own restaurant, Good Luck Cafe in Tampa, FL, which earned a spot in USA Today’s 2006 “Top Five Culinary Destinations.” He returned to DC and opened The Brightwood Bistro before joining Barcelona Restaurant Group and Silo.

Calvin Di Giovanni, Chef de Cuisine

Born in the United States, but raised in Paris, Chef Calvin Di Giovanni began his culinary career at the early age of 16 while training in the kitchen with the renowned Sommelier Philippe Faure-Brac at his Bistrot du Sommelier restaurant in Paris after attending culinary high school. At 18, he returned to New York and worked in the kitchens of Chef David Burke, Chef Jean-Louis Peulade, and Chef (and Silver Toque Winner) Guy Reuge. In 2013, Di Giovanni made his way to Washington, DC, landing the position of Pastry Chef at Lavagna in Eastern Market. He then became the Sous Chef at Pesce in Dupont Circle, before being recruited to join the team as the Chef de Cuisine at Silo when it opened.

NEW DISHES on Silo’s Modern American Bistro Menu include: (more…)


Whoa huge news from Urban Turf:

“Eataly has signed a letter of intent for somewhere in the vicinity of 30,000 to 35,000 square feet of retail space at the massive Capitol Crossing project planned for above I-395 of Massachusetts Avenue NW…

Eataly wouldn’t arrive until 2017, at the earliest.”

Holy cow, thank God it’s not April 1st today! We’ve been tracking potential Eataly locations since 2011. For those not familiar with Eataly, you can read about it here. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.46.36 AM
1017 7th Street, NW

Vigilante Coffee had hosted a pop up at Hogo since March 1st, 2013 and after a year finished up service last Saturday. Vigilante Coffee will be part of the Maketto venture with the folks from Durkl and Toki Underground coming to 1351 H St, NE.

I’ve also heard a rumor he could be opening up a space in Hyattsville too.

Sadly no update on his van stolen with 7-10k dollars worth of raw green coffee inventory and equipment.

03/26/14 10:22pm

923–925 5th Street, NW

Some details about the second planned Dacha Beer Garden coming to Mt. Vernon Square from a liquor license application:

“New Tavern, The establishment will offer a choice of draft beers and light fare. 
Food will be pre-cooked offsite and reheated on site. It will be outfitted with a 20’-foot x 8’-foot pre-fabricated building that will be connected to public sewer and water supply and will have the following functions; 1. To provide service counter space, 2. Store and refrigerate beer kegs, 3. Reheat remotely prepared light fare on a gridle, 4. Wash beer glasses in a code compliant three compartment sink, 5. Wash glasses in an automatic glass washer, Store a supply of bottled water in an under counter refrigerator.

Total Occupancy load #35. Summer Garden-Seats #150. With Live Entertainment

Hours of operation are listed as Sunday through Saturday: 8am-2am. Though live entertainment in the summer garden (occurring or continuing after 6pm) is listed as Sunday through Saturday: 8am–8pm.



“Dear PoPville,

Noticed this listing in Mt Vernon Square. The business was busted last year for dealing in stolen goods.

The listing states zoning will allow for up to 6 stories for construction. How can they add 6 stories it the structure w the Sonata condos on the right w windows that would be blocked? Or am I just missing something?

Address: 309 Northwest H Street
Price: $1,500,000″

Rendering courtesy of BlackRock Holdings’

Earlier this week we learned the historic building built in the 1860s was bought by a developer for $2 million. Thanks to BlackRock Holdings’ for sending a rendering and some more info on their plans:

“It’s going to be six condo units. 5 units will be 2 bedroom with den/study and 2.5 bath. The 6th unit, our smallest one but still a monster at almost 1500 sq. ft, will be 2 bed 2 bath. Each unit will have it’s own private storage room in the basement as well as access and reserved spaces in the basement bicycle room. This is our first project in DC and we are very excited to get started. We are hoping to break ground by the end of the summer.”

And say good bye to the orange paint:


03/12/14 8:24am


From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating 84-year-old Jessie Jones, who was last seen in the 1000 block of 5th Street, NW on March 11, 2014.

Mr. Jones is described as a black male, 5’7” tall, weighs approximately 180 pounds, brown eyes, bald head, and dark complexion. He was last seen wearing a navy blue jacket and blue pants and holding a dark colored hat in his hand.

Mr. Jones may be in need of medication.
Please Contact Detective Good (202) 576-7597 or The Youth Investigations Division (202) 576-6768

Ref.: CCN #14-033-560″