“Dear PoPville,

On Saturday 9/2 I was approached by a woman and her family at The Line cafe patio in AdMo, asking me how I was and I froze. I want her to know I’m doing well, and still working to heal.

I knew I recognized her from somewhere. She was the woman who helped me contact the police and my partner after I was beaten by four men on her block because I’m gay about a year and a half ago. Read More

photo by angela n.

“Dear PoPville,

I want to reiterate my thanks to the person (man, mid twenties) on their bike this morning (Thursday) around 0815/0820 on the Rock Creek path at the intersection at the Georgetown Waterfront / Watergate for being such a polite and respectful neighbor.

I was walking my dog and an unkempt man pushing several shopping carts full of items approached her to say hello – totally fine. When it came time to cross the street he started speaking to me in a language I am not familiar with and following me and my pup pretty closely. I smiled, waved, said “Have a good day!” but he didn’t seem to understand. He kept following me, using the carts to push us further and further off the sidewalk and closer to the river. My dog, who is also a medical alert animal, started to get agitated in response to my increased heart rate and the general situation.

Just as I was aiming for an escape route, a nice man on a bike stopped, took out his earbud, and asked me if I knew the person following me. When I said no, he kindly stayed with us as we continued to walk away, Read More

“Dear PoPville,

Early Saturday morning our house was unfortunately subject to an awful act of verbal, homophobic hate, and destruction, which we painfully witnessed from in our home while anxiously waiting on the Metropolitan Police Department to respond to our duress.

The incident was saddening & shocking, but I wanted to send out a sincere thank you to not only the MPD, who handled the matter seriously and efficiently, but to the good Samaritans we witnessed confront the aggressor and then Read More

If this is you, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll connect you with OP.

“Dear PoPville,

Earlier this week on Monday, June 13, I fell off my bike trying to go up a curb around Dupont Circle and fell. I didn’t have any serious injuries but I hit my mouth and the bleeding made me think my injuries were worse than they were (and note that I was wearing a helmet).

No one was around to see me fall but I flagged down a woman as she was walking out of a building between 21st/22nd st and N St. She helped me call 911 and stayed with me until the ambulance came, Read More

“Beautiful day in Petworth” photo by Jake

“Dear PoPville,

My wife Jean and I want to send a big thank you to all of the people on Shepherd Street NW for PorchFest on Saturday April 29. Our 13-month old Jack had a simple febrile seizure, and gave his parents quite a panic. We want to let the community know how grateful we were for your help calling 911 and keeping us calm. And we want to especially thank Dr. Christina Baviskar for stepping in and helping us. Jack is doing great and has made a speedy recovery. Read More


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