From an email:

“Our friend, nightlife guy, and one of the co-owners of Costa Brava in Bloomingdale Doug Brown passed away over the weekend. On Saturday from 5pm – 10pm and on Sunday from 12pm – 5pm Costa Brava in Bloomingdale is doing a memorial for him and donating all the proceeds to the Brown Family. I think there’s a lot of people that liked him and would want to stop by.”


What the hell is going on today…

A reader reports:

“Walking down an alley [between Seaton and T] in Bloomingdale yesterday I got asked directions by a man who then tried to grab the family jewels. He’s thin, six foot, tan skin (Hispanic, Mediterranean, Italian, etc), short cropped hair, purple button down, olive green pants. Thought other folks in the area might be warned.”


A reader reports:

“I noticed Old Engine 12 in Bloomingdale has some changes. The employees are no longer required to wear the goofy out of place uniforms. The uniforms have been replaced with standard DCFD shirts you see DC paramedics wearing. Also, there is ANOTHER relaunch event (they did the same thing when the bar first opened). Every time I jog by there it looks pretty empty and I don’t see anyone in the second floor bar.”

Anyone go last night?

1626 North Capitol Street, NW

USC Trojans O.J. Simpson 32 Red College Football Throwback Jersey

“Dear PoPville,

About 3 weeks ago, my condo was robbed while both my roommate and I were home. [2nd and V St, NW] They broke in through our front door and stole about $15k worth of items. As you’ll see from the below email that I sent to friends in my neighborhood (Bloomingdale/Shaw), the police believe the most distinctive quality is a red jersey one of the suspects wore. Red OJ Simpson throwback jersey with 32 written on it. They believe he and his ‘teammates’ are still in the area and encouraged me to tell as many people as possible.”

Hey guys-

I wanted to give a quick ‘neighborhood watch’ warning/update.

Just back from the police department where they showed me surveillance footage of the guys they suspect robbed our condo. I’m very glad we didn’t wake-up during the robbery…

Four big men, estimating between 6’0 – 6’4, African American, 30-50 years old. The one distinctive fact we all need to be on the lookout for is a red throwback OJ Simpson jersey with the number 32 written on it. He believes all live or are still in the area (thanks to a big group house bust a few weeks) and think he’ll be wearing it again. Police in the area are on the lookout for it and he said if any of us see it to call 911 immediately.

North Capitol and Florida Ave, NW

The liquor license placard for Wicked Bloom Social Club says:

“New Tavern serving crated drinks and beer with fresh-made sandwiches. Entertainment Endorsement. Total Occupancy Load is 49.”

Washingtonian reported that Wicked Bloom comes for the owners of nearby DCity Smokehouse and will feature cocktails and barbecue. Sweet!



A Bloomingdale reader sends in Sunday morning:

“Thought it might be of interest: multiple fire and rescue vehicles responded this AM due to floor collapse at 67 V NW. Thank goodness no one was in there or hurt.

It is a rowhouse that is under permit for pop up and pop back: issued a day or two before the new DCRA/zoning regs. According to responding fire dept personnel, no immediate danger / damage to adjoining rowhouses though they taped off surrounding area and front of house.

I suspect but do not know whether the heavy rain was just too much for whatever precautions the developer may have made. The permit to pop up and back this rowhouse is under appeal: I wonder how this incident will affect that?”

Another reader reports:

“With only a permit for interior demo, they spent a rainy Saturday removing the back exterior wall.”



From MPD:

“In the early morning hours of June 25, 2015 5D received a call for a sexual assault in the area of 1st and T Streets. NW. The investigation revealed that an armed suspect approached 2 complainants and forced them into a secluded area where he sexually assaulted both complainants.

Thanks to the outstanding work of the Sexual Assault Unit detectives and members of the Fifth District, the suspect was located and arrested.”