It is fixing to be a pretty good time

Boundary Stone
116 Rhode Island Ave NW
Thursday, November 10 at 6 PM – ???

RSVP if you can or if you just want to have a reminder in your Facebook:

Come celebrate 10 years of love, hate, frustration, elation, joy, pain and pets! There will be live music from AZTEC SUN starting around 9pm and lots of beer! And whiskey. God help us. However, the following day is a federal holiday so we got that going for us too. Hope to see lot of familiar and new faces!!


Jeff reports:

“DC Water grateful for progress @ 1st street tunnel, but expected fixed street lights @ Flagler & Adams when you removed your security lights. I can’t submit a 311 ticket because our regular street lights were replaced with temp ones that aren’t numbered”

DC Water responds quickly:

“I will look into this w/ the project manager.”

Jeff explains the urgency:

“thank you…it’s REALLY dark here once the sun goes down. And we’ve had two home break-ins in two weeks on Adams.”


From Boundary Stone:

“Do you like history, biking, and/or adventure? Have you been waiting impatiently for #BSride2016 ever since #BSride2015 ended? Me too!!

So I’ll see you on October 22nd for a bike ride around the oldest federal monuments, the DC boundary stones.

Register now! We’ll meet at Jones Point (South stone) at 9am, wheels up at 9:30am. (more…)

Michigan and North Capitol Street, NW

Jamelle Bouie tweeted last week:

“I support that message, btw. McMillan is literally just a sand wasteland. Let’s turn it into something useful.”

You can read about some opposition here and see some renderings here.


For those curious about how (some of) Mcmillan looks today: (more…)


“Does anyone know what happened to the tiny free library on Florida Ave at First St NW? It’s been a few weeks since I noticed it’s absence, and I’m beginning to strongly suspect that my partner’s assurances it was “away for repairs” is more like “living on a farm up north with lots of space to run.” As of last night, some intrepid book trader had simply left some books on the remaining post where the library used to sit.”

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From Boundary Stone (and don’t forget their 5 year anniversary bash tonight!):

“5 PM – 8 PM

Four of the top breweries in DC have been barrel aging an ale for a minimum of one month. On Tuesday the 27th, these breweries will unveil their concoction at the Boundary Stone. There will be judges and a popular vote to calculate who will take home the trophy, as well as win a dedicated line for a year on our back bar. Admission is $20 ahead of time or $25 at the door, which will get you a 5oz tasting from each brewery, and a pint of “5-Spot”!

The breweries battling will be DC Brau Brewing Company, Atlas Brew Works, 3 Stars Brewing Company, and defending champs Port City Brewing Company.”

116 Rhode Island Ave, NW