sylvan bakery

Thanks to all who emailed the good news! Nick writes:

Sylvan Bakery opened this morning! Their selection looked great and seem to have some pretty promising savory breakfast items. Also, they’re open at 7:00 am for my fellow Bloomingdale residents who leave for work before 8. Wishing them the best of luck.

I only got the pastry/bagel case (photo above) there’s another case with sweets and a wall of bread…”

104 Rhode Island Ave, NW

creative grounds dc
1822 North Capitol Street, NW

Ed. Note: This is the old Seaton Market.

January, 2014

From a press release:

“Husband and wife duo, Asmara Sium and Kenn Blagburn announced the opening of Creative Grounds DC. The couple’s new venture goes beyond the traditional coffee bar model to include a unique and fulfilling arts education program for kids, studio rental and exhibition space for artists. Located in the Bloomingdale neighborhood, Creative Grounds DC is a 2,000 sq ft facility that will host artists, art related events, rental space and a coffee bar. (more…)

Pinkie recovering via gofundme

Thanks to a reader for passing on this fundraising page for Pinkie’s Medical Expenses:

“On January 25, 2017 the 60 year old owner of Jam Doung Style Jamaican Cuisine Restaurant was shot four times after closing up for the night.

After a very long day of work—7am to 9:30pm— Jam Doung’s owner, affectionately known as Pinkie by family and friends, and two of her employees began walking to their cars, making jokes and laughing, which is common for the group. They then noticed a masked man approaching them. The masked man focused all of his attention on Pinkie, pointing the gun in her face and commanding her to give him her purse.

What happened next did not shock anyone other than the gunman and his accomplice that was standing as look out. Pinkie freed her hands of the food she was carrying home, and then grabbed the muzzle of the gun that was being pointed at her. Pinkie and the gunman struggled with the gun for what seemed like forever. Then the gunman shot Pinkie in her right wrist. But Pinkie continued to fight until she was able to pull the mask off of her attacker. Pinkie was, however, shocked to realize that her attacker was someone that she knew. (more…)

Photo by PoPville flickr user Lorie Shaull

“Dear PoPville,

For the second time in less than a week a delivery man was robbed on my porch by an armed man.

What the suspect is doing is calling for delivery from local restaurants (Olga & Manny, NY Pizza) and giving them the address of [unit block of] W Street NW (last Sunday robbery) and [unit block of] W Street NW (tonight’s robbery), when the delivery person shows up for the delivery, no one answers the number that called for the delivery. So the delivery person leaves the car and proceeds to knock on the door of the address. At that time the suspect comes from the corner of North Capital and W street and robs the delivery person at gunpoint.

Myself and my neighbor never called for delivery…. the suspect is giving an address and then robbing people when they arrive.

The police said this is the 5th time it has happened (more…)

1726 N Capitol Street, NW
1726 N Capitol Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

a bloomingdale business owner at Jam Doung, a woman, was shot twice last wednesday while closing up shop. hardly anyone is talking about it outside our listserv, but she tried to fight off her assailant and neighbors on the street were pretty unimpressed by mpd’s ensuing search for the two men. i hope people will try to support Jam Doung since they had to close for a few days.”

From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in identifying and locating two persons of interest in reference to an Armed Robbery and an Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (Gun) offense that occurred in the 1700 block of North Capitol Street, Northwest, on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

At approximately 9:49 pm, a suspect approached the victim from behind while another suspect acted as a lookout. The suspect displayed a handgun and demanded the victim’s bag. The victim refused. The suspect then fired the handgun several times striking the victim. The suspect fled with the victim’s property. The victim was taken to an area hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

The two persons of interest can be seen in this video: (more…)

116 Rhode Island Ave, NW

From a press release:

“Bloomingdale’s favorite neighborhood pub Boundary Stone has announced new operating hours effective Monday, January 30. The kitchen will be open Monday through Thursday until 10pm, Friday and Saturday until 11pm and Sunday until 10pm. Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday 10:30am until 3pm. Brunch is always served on Federal Holidays. Boundary Stone will be closed for lunch Monday through Thursday but will remain your snow day headquarters open all day in the event of a snow day.

This Fall, Boundary Stone launched a new pub menu created by Chef Leo Garcia in collaboration with Chef Mike Friedman of The Red Hen and All-Purpose Pizzeria. (more…)

sylvan sign

“Dear Bloomingdale neighbors,

As you may have heard by now, Sylvan Cafe and Bakery is coming to the neighborhood!
First let us say how grateful we are to Sara Fatell and the beautiful establishment she created in Grassroots Gourmet. Our top priority as the new owners of this space will be to honor her creation of a warm and inclusive community gathering spot where neighbors can come and enjoy great food, drink and company.

It’s no accident that when we chose to launch another business we did it close to home. From the day we opened Bacio Pizzeria around the corner on Seaton Place, Bloomingdale has been an incredibly welcoming community. From Bloomingdale Toddler Soccer Team to the annual Crispus Attucks Park community yard sale to participating in Bloomingdale Beautification Day we have tried to support it right back. And when we saw an opportunity open our next dream business – a bakery! — right in the same neighborhood and build on the relationships we have with our beloved customers, we jumped at it.


Which brings us to the name, Sylvan Café and Bakery. (more…)

bakery baccio bloomingdale
104 Rhode Island Ave, NW

When we heard about Grassroots closing in December, neighborhood folks were seriously bummed to be losing their bakery. In late December I heard that bagels could be in Bloomingdale’s future at this space. Now another reader hears that the folks who plan on taking over the bakery are non other than the folks behind Bacio Pizzeria. They hear the plans are to keep it a bakery/cafe. Updates when confirmation is made/more is known.