11th and Clifton Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

There’s been a lot of talk lately about crime in the city, and it’s a real concern. However, I had a really good interaction with the police and I wanted to share it.

I live across the street from Cardozo High School and I generally find them to be a great neighbor; staff are friendly, the school is beautiful, and the kids are just kids. Last week, however, as school was letting out, there was a fight. I didn’t see what happened, but police were called and within just a minute there were several police cars and dozens of officers. At one point I counted 25 officers, and I couldn’t even see all of them. They controlled the situation very quickly, got the kids out of the roads, and yelled for them to go home. (I don’t know about the ones in the fight, I only saw officers talking to a small group after everyone else had dispersed.) Kids ran off in all directions. It was the picture of de-escalation.

The officers not immediately handling the fight stuck around for a little bit, talking with neighbors, making friends with the dogs playing on the lawn, and joking with the kids and staff who were left. Their command of the situation and then their relaxed demeanor put everyone at ease.

It was a job well done.”


“Dear PoPville,

I was at Zeba bar on Saturday night (8/29) and lost my camera. Either that or it was stolen. It was a black Sony DSLR. I’ve checked with Zeba a few times and they don’t have it. It is missing its lens cap. I somehow still have that. Photos of the camera are attached.

I would be so grateful to get it back. Would you mind posting this to see if anyone has seen it? It probably has a lot of photos of a baby shower on it, and few big group photos and likely some dancing photos taken at Zeba.

Any leads can be sent to:”

Across the street from Room 11 at 3301 11th Street, NW at Lamont

Thanks to a tipster for sending word, and other very reliable sources confirm, a new market with wine and beer (and lots more) is coming to the old Arthur’s space from some of the owners of Room 11. Lots more info when more details are known. But given that it’s coming from folks affiliated with Room 11 – I’m gonna mark this as very, very promising. Stay tuned.

mpint busted window @beckawall
11th and Park Road, NW

@beckawall tweets us the photo above and word that Meridian Pint also got their front window smashed – but as the sign says it’s only wounded not broken. Now I gotta give props to 11th Street businesses – they’ve taken a few on the chin and they always react with good humor and spirit. Yesterday we saw the fantastic spirit and creativity that Bloombars showed after getting their front window smashed. Though my favorite remains Room 11’s reaction to a brick thrown through their front window back in 2011. There are a few shitty people out there – the reaction from 11th Street businesses puts it all in perspective. Props to 11th Street – you are the heart and soul of Columbia Heights.

2535 13th Street Northwest

This rental is located at 2535 13th Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Welcome to Columbia Heights! Enjoy all the fun U Street, Columbia Heights, & 14th Street have to offer. Minutes away from the nightlife of DC and Meridian Hill Park. Take a walk around the neighborhood and fall in love with the scenery. The unit has been equipped with granite counter tops and stainless steal appliances. Sleek hardwood floors throughout accompanied with a working fire place.”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $2,650/Mo.


A reader submits:

“My husband found this juvenile common snapping turtle under the steps of our house leading to the basement on Friday. We’re in the middle on Columbia Heights so there isn’t water anywhere nearby–we have no idea how he/she made it to our front yard. After some research by me and some fascinated viewed by the kids, we took a trip to Rock Creek near Pierce Mill to give it a new home. It settled into the water immediately and seemed very relieved.”


A reader writes:

“I think this part of Council Member Nadeau’s email from yesterday may have gone relatively unnoticed:

I have recently been asked to weigh in on proposals to temporarily bring back the MPD Vice Squad, also known as “jump out squads.” The practices employed by them, which involves officers pulling up to a location and arresting a group of people, have been retired by MPD, and have been widely criticized. I cannot support these proposals, and I do not think they help us achieve the long term, sustained outcome we truly want for the District. When violence and drug activity were at their worst, what made the biggest difference was residents partnering with MPD, taking back their blocks and being part of the solution.

What do you think about conducting a poll to see what PoPville readers think about Vice units, now that we have a number of varying views from officials and some statistics on the topic from Chief Lanier?”

Ed. Note: You can read CM Nadeau’s full letter after the jump. (more…)

From an email:

“There was a break in at BloomBars. It took a while to process why anyone would rob a non-profit arts organization serving the community…and make out with our donation boxes and contents of our curse jar no less…which is kind of comical…(“$1 for naughty, $2 for nasty” it says…maybe he preferred soap mouthwash). So how did I respond? I told our own redemption song with the surveillance video and made an art instillation from the rock he threw through the window and the broken glass. It was cathartic and healing. The lesson: beauty can come from broken glass and a little forgiveness. Have a look..”

Ed. Note: You can support BloomBars here.

3222 11th Street, NW