“Dear PoPville,

I am the victim.

On the evening of sept 23 my uber driver Richard, picked me up from my work (hair salon on 14th st NW) and dropped me off at my apt complex in SE DC. A week after my ride, he made his first call to my salon asking for me. The receptionist informed him that I did not know who he was. He continued to call 2 other times on separate days. Again the receptionists gave him the same response.When this didn’t work, he came into my salon asking for me by name. The front desk explained that I was out and may not be coming back to the salon( which wasn’t true but for the sake to keep him away they said this) . He did this an additional two more times and again the receptionist explained that I was no longer working there. Luckily the 3 times he has come in, it has been my day off or I have been out. A couple of my coworkers have witnessed seeing him all 3 times in the salon. (more…)

14th and Perry Pl, NW

“Dear PoPville,

It has come to my attention recently that a multitude of squatters have broken into and have been living in an uninhabited house on Perry Pl, NW in between 14th and Holmead streets. For the most part, they seem to be heavy day drinkers and are all adults. One of the men seen lingering behind this building, and seems to be a squatting resident, was the victim set on fire by two assailants near Otis and 14th NW last Saturday night. Another man, potentially unrelated to the group, was picked up by EMS this morning having a grand mal seizure in the alley by the building around 6:45-7am. While my heart goes out to these men, I wonder if the crimes against them may have been interpersonal. The current owner of the home is simply listed as a trust, with a contact number that has been disconnected. My hopes, by posting this, is that the owners of this trust may see this, as it may prevent further victims, and, at the very least, inform the owners that their property has many people currently living in it.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Wayan Vota

“Dear PoPville,

A woman stopped me as I was walking toward Farragut after work and said she’d been in a car crash and her car was totaled and that she didn’t have enough cash for the cab ride home, which she said was 1.5 hours outside of DC. She said she worked for a law firm in the area but that no one was in the office and that she had just recently moved to DC from Georgia and didn’t know anyone. She was using a cane and was crying while telling me this story. (more…)

10th and Otis Pl, NW

“Dear PoPville,

In hopes of keeping our neighborhood clean in Columbia Heights, a lot of us do our best to report graffiti vandalism to 311 as quick as possible to discourage other vandals. Truthfully, the city does an outstanding job of getting it removed very fast when it is on public property as well as private property.

There is one area that seems to be a bit of a problem though. While they have become harder to find over the years, many of our neighborhoods (thankfully) still have some blue USPS mail boxes around. The one in our neighborhood, like a lot around the city, are frequently tagged, stickered, and vandalized. (more…)


“Dear PoPville,

Where do I start?

The High Heels Race happened yesterday on 17th street, and there were a group of suspected Trump supporters carrying signs saying “grab my pussy” dedicated to Trump, and others saying “protect your pussy” dedicated to Hillary. Even if it was an irony, a joke or anything, as a woman I find very disgusting and sexist how guys, either they’re gay, trans, or not, find fun to joke about other’s pussy. I don’t know if I’m making myself clear, because I’m not from here and sometimes it’s hard for me to express my unconformity… and here’s where the main story I wanted to tell begins: (more…)