“Dear PoPville,

Have you heard about Car2go nailing customers for DC parking violations? I have received two, one from January and one from March, and Car2go is charging me for them; my wife just got one from last month. This is ridiculous. I check out of the Car2go, it locks, I walk away and never have a chance to see the ticket. If I park in a prohibitive spot, so be it, but DC parking is quite inaccurate with the tickets. Of all the tickets I received on my personal vehicle, I have been in the right all but once–that’s because I can take photos of my permit/sign/ticket/etc for evidence. I can’t with a Car2go. Moreover, I’m no lawyer but doesn’t Car2go just waiting and charging customers violate their due process to appeal the ticket?”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Kevin Wolf

“Dear PoPville,

The news of the female jogger being attacked near Meridian Hill Park has been very upsetting for the female jogging community. Do you think you could ask the community to throw in their suggestions for staying safe while running in the city? In particular, I’d be curious to hear whether anyone has taken a self-defense class they found helpful. I was only able to find one while searching the internet, and their next “basics” class isn’t until July. I’m also curious about registering mace/pepper spray and whether others have found “personal alarms” (noisemakers) helpful.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user John Cochran

“Dear PoPville,

I just purchased a home in DC with a finished basement complete with kitchen and full bathroom. Unfortunately, the ceilings in the basement are 6’9″ tall, which means they fall 3 inches short of the requirement for a certificate of occupancy. Do any of your readers have suggestions on how I could monetize this space? For example, is there any way I could come up with the 3 inches without completely ripping up my foundation? If I removed the stove, could the space count as a separate bedroom (a stairway connects the basement to the main floor) with ceilings that are 6’9″? Could I rent the space out to a professional, such as an accountant, lawyer, tutor, etc.? Any suggestions on how to monetize this space would be most welcome.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

“Dear PoPville,

I am hoping for some help from the PoPville community on where in the DC area to get a customized engagement ring. I am admittedly new to the process and have no clue how it works. I know there was a PoPville post on engagement rings back in 2011, but that was geared towards vintage rings, which isn’t quite what I’m looking for.

Any help would be great!”


“Dear PoPville,

I’m trying to figure out if my daughter can register her car temporarily in DC for the summer while she lives in the GWU dorms. She will need her car for her internship and I want to make sure she can park it legally near where she is living. I live in Petworth and it’s not at all convenient for her to leave her car at my house.

I’ve read the DMV website, emailed them, and I still can’t figure out if this is possible and how to do it. Does anyone know?”


“Dear PoPville,

I hope you and your readers can give me some advice. My husband and I are trying to buy a house in DC. We found a beautiful one this weekend in Bloomingdale off of North Capital. We started to put a offer in but our realtor cautioned us not to because the price of the house had double since the owners bought it a few years ago and it was because of the extensive renovation. It has a brand new kitchen and you can tell lots of other work had been done but she could not find any permits for the remodeling. We didn’t put in a offer because we wanted to do research and find out if it was illegally renovated but now it is under contract with someone else. I was wondering how important is it to buy a house that has been updated with permits? What are the consequences? If it isn’t a big deal I want to know for next time so we won’t miss out again.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Eric P.

“Dear PoPville,

I recently moved out of my 2-bedroom condo and am gearing up to rent it out this summer. I want to make sure everything I’m doing is legitimate, of course, so I applied for a basic business license, which is required in DC to rent out even one unit. The problem is, the application for the basic business license is wildly confusing, especially for a first-timer like me. While filling out one section of the form, I inadvertently put down my NEW address (where I would like to receive correspondence from the city), as opposed to the address of the unit I’m actually renting out. When I called the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs to fix the error, I was told that doing so would cost me $83 — in addition to the $190 application fee I already paid for the basic business license itself. Is this a joke?”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Annie Miller

“Dear PoPville,

We can’t do a screened in back porch, but would love to be able to use our front porch for more than the week or so that there is good weather but no mosquitoes. So, we are looking for examples of screened in front porches done tastefully. Either permanent or seasonally removable screens.

I’ve been keeping an eye out but there are very few at all and I haven’t seen any yet that are tasteful – though of course that is in the eye of the beholder, I understand : )



“Dear PoPville,

I have made my first investment into homeownership in the District and am wondering who has had recent experience with selecting a home security system? Although I’m in a condo, I have my own entrance from the outside and am interested in finding out more about what security systems people have liked and not liked. I’m especially interested in recommendations from anyone who has tried the new kinds of security systems that are internet-based and you can install yourself, as well as people’s thoughts on Comcast home security and the usual established players. If you were a new homeowner, what would you install?”