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“Dear PoPville,

I recently downsized and have an extra queen size mattress, box spring and bed frame in storage. I see people complaining on the 311 app all the time about mattresses just being dumped in alleys and on street corners but wanted to see if there was a better way to dispose of them. Ideally, I want to donate everything and have an organization pick it up before I resort to the old standbys like Craigslist. Would love to hear what other PoPville readers have done!”


Where can I donate a very large collection of books? Most all in very good condition, subjects from how-to, history, travel, science, nature, etc. I would like to find a place to take the whole collection if possible”

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“Dear PoPville,

I’m in the process of selling a property I’ve owned for nearly a decade and refinanced twice in that time. So, the title has been researched 3 times in less than 10 years, without complication. Now the settlement company says they’ve found some old “small” liens against “previous owners” against the property they need to settle before closing. It’s threatening to delay my closing, which threatens to disrupt the buyer’s financing (though that’s probably not a bad thing in the current rate environment, where an update would probably net them better terms).

I have owner’s title insurance, so everything will ultimately be fine, but I asked my realtor if she had ever encountered this before, and she said “honestly, in 30 years in the business, not once.”

So, can I get any advice from the PoP community at all? What to expect, what to do, anything!”


“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with adding an in ground pool to their yard in DC. While I do not see many pools in private yards in DC, many yards seems to be large enough (especially in NE) to accommodate a small pool. I’d be curious to know about the permit process, cost, and regulations associated with installing a private pool in DC.”

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“Dear PoPville,

I received a speeding ticket in the mail this afternoon. It was clearly delivered to the wrong address because in fact, the address on the ticket does not exist and I don’t own the car that was caught speeding. I notified the DMV via the general email but have doubts as to whether that will resolve the situation. I’d hate for there to be a mix up and someone have to pay a huge fine for not receiving the ticket in the first place. On the other hand, if something dodgy is at play, I’d like to let the DMV know. Any idea how to resolve?”

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“Dear PoPville,

Over the last several months, I’ve had sporadic USPS package and mail delivery to my apartment in Petworth (in a small 6 unit building). The packages are returned with the stated reason that the apartment is “vacant.” (Note: I’ve lived in the apartment 1.5 years). After making dozens of phone calls over those four months (yes, really, I only got a relevant phone number from a disgruntled employee at the USPS ombudsman office who told me not to tell anyone), I finally today spoke to the local manager with the mail carrier in the room.

I was shocked to learn that my regular mail carrier stopped delivery of my mail four months ago because a “Caucasian male” in my building told him that my apartment was vacant. I asked if they had any evidence (such as a hold notice, forwarding address, any written notification, or even a name of the individual) and was told “no” and that typical USPS practice allows them to stop delivery of the mail based on verbal communication with a resident of the building. Therefore, he decided to halt delivery of my mail without any notification. When I asked why I continue to receive some packages and mail on some days, he responded that those must be the days that he takes off and his replacement must deliver them. (Note: I receive mail at least 3 times per week). Completely disgusted…

Anyone else having similar issues in Petworth? I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that this is a pattern of behavior.”

bride downtown
(The guy in flip flops is not the groom… Groom in a gray suit in front of him)

Ed. Note: Congrats to the bride and groom!

“Dear PoPville,

On Monday at ~6:30 PM I saw a very elegant bride and groom and what appeared to be their wedding party walking east on L Street and watched them continue across Vermont Avenue along L Street. It was a funny time and place to see them, with no obvious origin or destination to their walk. They seemed to be walking away from the Washington Post demolition site and toward… Jimmy John’s? Maddy’s Taproom? Maybe they met on the 54 Bus and were going to recreate the moment? I suppose it was approaching the golden hour for photography but it’s kinda an odd area and I didn’t actually spot a photographer. Does anyone know where else they might have been going or coming from, on foot, east bound on L Street? (Was with a friend and we both remarked that the Bride’s dress looked completely fabulous, btw, and would love to see the photos especially if they went somewhere unusual/surprising).”

crossing conductor
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“Dear PoPville,

I’ve lived in DC for a little over a year now. It is rare acts of kindness and sincerity that I’ve grown to appreciate more and more. I think that one of those great acts of kindness and sincerity should be recognized – big shout out to the traffic conductor that stands proudly every week day morning at the intersection of 11th and Massachusetts Ave NW. He always greets everyone with a great attitude, a big smile, and cares genuinely about the cyclists and pedestrians during their morning commutes. He goes out of his way to bravely conduct traffic, and greets people around him. I’ve never come across any other public servant in his position that cares as much about active safety and is pleased to serve, rain or shine, despite the weather conditions, as him. I wish I knew his name because I truly believe he is one of DC’s unsung heroes. I’ve noticed that over the past few weeks, he hasn’t been at the intersection, and instead there’s 2-4 traffic conductors on each corner of the intersection, mostly standing around talking, and not doing much to promote the safety of those passing by. When I tried to ask where the other gentleman was, they didn’t know who I was talking about.

Does anyone know whether he has moved posts, maybe gone on summer vacation, or if he’s okay? I look forward to seeing him every morning during my commute and I’ve been disappointed in the lack of effort that others positioned in that area to replace him have been.”

pot sweepstakes
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“Dear PoPville,

Capital City Care in Truxton Circle was just named Best Marijuana Cultivation Supplier in the WCP Best Of awards. I had to laugh, a lot, remembering all the fuss the neighborhood made about this establishment opening and how it would simply destroy any progress made toward cleaning up the neighborhood. Since construction completed, I’ve yet to see a single person enter or leave the establishment. At one point they had to switch to hours by appointment only due to lack of demand. Obviously the corner down the street at NY Ave remains exactly the same as it’s been for ages.

Now, the dispensary is offering this sweepstakes:


PRIZE: The prize winner will receive:

Grand prize: Free ounce per month for a year (estimated retail value $400)
2nd place: Free eighth (estimated retail value $56)
3rd place: Free gram (estimated retail value $20)

I’m really curious what PoPville thinks of this. I honestly don’t know what to make of it.”

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“Dear PoPville,

In the last year, it seems like walking in this city has become more of a hazard than any other form of transportation. Pedestrian crossings seem to be less respected and completely unenforced in this city. Trying to walk to pick up take-out or even going to the gym seems to put my life in jeopardy. At least every other week drivers will either speed up when they see me legally enter a crosswalk or maintain their current velocity and blow their horn as I legally enter a half-block cross walk, never mind the sign that is cemented to the blacktop that says “stop for pedestrians”. This has happened even while the police have followed the offender through the crosswalk.

Is there any sort of way to get the MPD to actually enforce the city law of crosswalk observation? I’m sure this is very low on their priorities as they seem to fail at even the fundamentals of why police exist, as evidenced in the last few years of spike in murders, much less their solving of homicides that has tanked, but as a citizen that relies on their own two legs to get from point A to B, I feel as this is something I need to ask to get other citizen’s feedback on what I can do to limit my own life perials as I walk from block to block in this city.”

most interesting house

“Dear PoPville,

I’m the same person that found a hidden room underneath my basement a few weeks ago. Over the weekend, my wife and I were cleaning out some of the items left in our house by the previous owners. We removed a picture from the wall and there was a locked safe behind it.

Of course we just have to get into this thing but don’t know where to go from here. I’m assuming a general locksmith can’t crack a safe so who should we call?”