“Dear PoPville,

It went up last weekend. While the sign is technically on a support pole of the same building, the entrance to this Marriott is a good 50 yards away, and the tiny arrow at the bottom doesn’t remotely help anyone find the place. It mainly serves as a big Christmasy dick move to commuters, as far as I can tell. It’s literally in the way for people coming down the stairs from the MBT, and it’s yet another layer of visual obstruction in front of the single incoming train board at that entrance. I think I’m just bummed out that it dwarfs the actual Metro pole. Thought I’d share to commiserate, and ask if anyone else has examples of garish, shameless advertising at Metro entrances. (NY Ave North Entrance)”

Think metro got paid for this?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Betsy Law

“Dear PoPville,

Wondering if you have any tips for Easter brunch in DC? My husband and I are newlyweds with no family in the area and looking for something festive.”

Hmm I got an email for “Zaytinya is offering $35 prix-fixe brunches on April 5th and April 12th for both Western and Greek Easters, featuring springtime ingredients to welcome the warm weather.”

And from Hill Country BBQ:

“The Market will be open on Easter Sunday during regular hours starting at 11:30am. In addition to the regular pit-smoked menu offerings, they’ll have a special Apricot-rubbed Duck Breast available at the meat counter and an Easter Egg & Potato Salad on the sides counter. The bar will also be offering the Bluebonnet Cocktail, a refreshing mix of Bombay Sapphire, fresh lemon, blueberries and agave nectar. The Easter Bunny will be hopping through the Market throughout the day to greet families & pass out treats, and there will be 100 eggs hidden around the restaurant with coupons for goodies that kids of all ages can enjoy!”

Anyone go to good Easter brunch last year?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr.TinDC

“Dear Popville,

The other day, while driving up North Capitol Street, I noticed a truck doing maintenance on one of the many speed cameras that populate North Cap. It had MPD insignia on the side, although it did not have any visible lights. What stuck out to me is that it had a Maryland license plate. Further up the street, I saw another truck with the same markings working on yet another speed camera, but this time with New Jersey plates. Why does MPD have vehicles registered in any state other than DC?”

Update from MPD’s, Gwendolyn Crump, Director, Office of Communications:

“For the purpose of contractors handling battery replacement of automated traffic enforcement units, MPD is renting vehicles on a short-term basis, which is more cost effective than buying vehicles.”

“Dear PoPville,

We live near 14th and T, and we had a strange solicitation Monday night that was a bit disconcerting. Shortly after 11pm, a woman rang our doorbell. When we asked who it was, the woman said, “I’d like to say a prayer for your business.” We said, “We’re not interested,” and she left. Immediately afterwards, I heard a car speed off, though that could be coincidental. My husband went outside to see if she’d left anything or if she was knocking on a neighbor’s door, but she was gone.

Obviously, our home is in no way related to a place of business, so this is perplexing. We are wondering whether anyone else has encountered this woman, and if so, has there been any follow up incident? We can’t make heads or tails of it, and we are wondering whether to be concerned in any way.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user available_photons

“Dear PoPville,

I would be curious to know if people are experiencing a significant uptick in “Surcharge Pricing” with UBER Black Car and UBERX lately. I’ve in the last 30 days or so (almost specifically since they dropped UBERX rates 15% earlier this year) had virtually every ride regardless of time/day have a minimum of 1.3X to 2X-4X pricing. Possibly it’s just a shortage of drivers and uptick in demand because of time of the year, weather, etc… or possibly it’s something else?! That being said I still prefer UBER to DC Taxi’s but is LYFT an alternative? What do people prefer for car services in DC?”

Photo by PoPville flickr user number7cloud

“Dear PoPville,

I’m going to be cleaning out my apartment and anticipate having quite a lot of stuff that I’d like to donate. My problem is I don’t have a car and it’s going to be quite a lot of stuff…does DC have any charities that offer pick-up services (free or otherwise)? My donations will include: clothing, shoes, accessories, coats, jackets, scarves, housewares, kitchen items, and books. All items are gently used and clean, the clothing will be both men’s and women’s and will be packed in boxes. I’ve tried looking online with no success: AMVETS doesn’t pick up in DC and I can’t seem to get any responses from the Red Cross.

If it helps, I live in the Kalorama area of DC. I would really like to donate these items to those that may need it so if you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!”

Salvation Army does pick ups. Anyone know of others?

Photo by PoPville flickr user John Sonderman

“Dear PoPville,

Here is a PSA. Last year I spent a very frustrating time renewing my registration with DMV. The system kept on returning an error message. I found a nice person in the Director’s office, who processed it for me manually. If figured there was some problem they would fix. This year, same result. I have a Mac and use Safari (I would think lots of others do too). I now realize that I could only process my renewal using Chrome (rather than Safari.) So, since the DMV seems not interested in fixing the site, they should at least warn users not to use Safari. Don’t want people to waste their time.”

Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

“Dear PoPville,

How important is it to have an in-unit washer/dryer for a renter? Our English basement rental does not have one (though a Laundromat is half a block away) and I have a sneaking suspicion that the people coming to view the place are crossing it off their list because of it. The unit is amazing otherwise. I’d love to hear what the commentariat thinks. Is this a deal breaker?

(I understand you covered a similar topic here but it didn’t specifically address the washer/dryer issue).”