Cyclist Struck by SUV at 16th and Newton St, NW

16th & Newton NW

A reader reports:

“Earlier today – saw the aftermath of crash at 16th and Newton. I haven’t seen anything on the news about this – hope the biker is ok! The ambulance drove away slowly – good sign or bad sign? and (preempting possible PoPville comments!):

Didn’t see license plate therefore can’t tell if it was a MD driver. There is a bike helmet in the road so presumably the biker was wearing a helmet (not shown in photo because I cropped the people out)”

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  • Tsar of Truxton

    Honestly, the MD driver joke is cute/funny when there is a car illegally parked or in the middle of a traffic circle, but when someone could be seriously injured, people should really consider withholding the quips.

  • The lack of a front license plate on the car suggests that — unless it came off in the accident, or the car owner intentionally didn’t affix the front plate — the car is not from D.C., Maryland, or Virginia. (Or any other state that requires front license plates.)

  • DC window sticker and inspection=DC driver

    • other states have similar stickers.

      • The blue frame of the driver-side sticker and additional sticker (inspection) on the passenger side are 100% DC. Judging from the smudges on the front, I’d guess the front plate was ripped off in the collision (it’s not hard to pull them off..I once lost a front plate by clipping an evergreen shrub while backing out of someone’s driveway). Hard to tell from that whether the driver tried to turn right on red without looking for a cyclist on the cross-street or the cyclist filtered forward on the right and got clipped. Hope the cyclist is okay (not a slam on the driver, but they are obviously fine).

    • That’s a good point about the stickers. Many states have passenger-side inspection stickers, but D.C. is the only one I know of that uses a driver’s-side sticker as an alternative to a sticker on the license plate.

  • there was a another bike accident at Constitution and 1st St. NW around 9 am. Congressional Police responded and cyclist was receiving EMT attention.

  • The intersections of 16th and Newton and 16th and Monroe are terrible. I live nearby and it can be difficult to cross 16th at both streets on the south side of the intersection because cars are always gunning to make the light and end up blocking the crosswalks. It doesn’t help that the light timing is different for the 3 consecutive lights (16th and Park, Monroe, and Newton). Drivers from all municipalities are to blame. I hope the cyclist recovers without difficulty.

    • +1 on all this (I live right there too)…I often have to get people to back up because I’m crossing with baby AB in the stroller and I need the crosswalk!

    • It is pretty rough, but I mostly blame Marion Barry. The traffic along 16th is terrible, even on the weekends, and there’s no reason parking should be allowed. This is an incredibly walkable area, with plenty of off-street spaces to rent/buy.

  • Hope the cyclist is ok and I have no idea what happened, but I live at 16th and Newton. Newton is a one-way street and I can’t tell you how many times a cyclist blithely rides down Newton against DO NOT ENTER signs and are always offended when I point this out to them.

    There are also times when I pull out of my alley looking left for oncoming traffic and then turn left only to faced with a cyclist almost causing an accident. Yes, perhaps unrelated to this situation, but it’s at the exact same spot so consider this a PSA for cyclists to try and obey the same laws that drivers do. Win / win.

    • Eh, people make fun of me for looking both ways before crossing one-way streets, but I’ve lived on/near/regularly traversed far too many of them here and elsewhere to take for granted that people will always only be traveling *one way.* I agree that I wouldn’t cycle the wrong way on a one-way unless there was a contra-flow bike lane (G and I NE, for example), but people using all transportation methods sometimes don’t follow the rules. For a while, I lived on a one-way street in another city, and many of my neighbors would BACK UP the street, sometimes going a full block in reverse to park! It honestly would have been safer if they drove the wrong way and then did a 3-point turn to park, but I guess they felt that if their car was *facing* the “right way,” they were less likely to be caught/fined.

  • Cyclists and pedestrians need to be more careful. When I bike or am walking I defer to the car. The car is bigger and heavier and will always win. It’s amazing how many people think they have some magical powers that will protect them from an automobile.

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