Judging Gyros – GRK vs Greek Deli

1140 19th Street, NW

Given all the talk on the Greek monetary crisis it got me thinking – about Gyros. Excuse me, Yeeros. What’s the word on GRK? Or better to wait on line down the block at Greek Deli?

1120 19th Street, NW

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  • Yeah, people in a desperate situation that can only get worse always gets me thinking about food too

    • Accountering

      Meh, what am I supposed to do about it? I literally have zero influence at the ECB and IMF. It is what it is, I feel bad for them, but yes, Greece has been on my mind as a whole lately as a result.

  • Greek Deli is better than everything else. Anyone who tells you otherwise is crazy and not to be trusted.

    • palisades

      The anniversary of the Nanjing Massacre got me thinking, what’s the best Chinese-Japanese fusion spot in the city???

      • Trick question, there is none. Japanese food made by Chinese people is terrible and vice-versa. Best Chinese is obviously Panda Gourmet.
        Next question.

  • lighten up eh?

  • Skip them both and go to Yafa Grille at 1205 19th for a shawarma instead.

    • huge portions there. very good value.

      • Agreed that Yafa is great for schwarma, and the owners are really nice.
        For gyros, walk a little further and go to Zorba’s north of the circle.

    • Big fan of the Yaf. Great place.

    • You have obviously never been to Greek Deli.

    • I went once shortly after they opened and was not impressed. Have they improved?

    • MVT

      Completely agree with the Yafa call here, but the pita bread is horrible. Can’t get hummus at GRK (I know it’s not Greek). Also, I am not a huge fan of the Greek Deli.

    • Smilla

      I’m a big fan of Yafa, too. And I love their pita bread!

      For Yafa regulars, several days ago I overheard one of the staff saying to a vendor that they will probably raise their prices after the summer…

  • What part of Long Island is the OP from?

    • Is it the “stand ON Line” bit that prompted your question? Could be an upstate NYer, too.

      • People from upstate do not say “stand ON line”

        • Maybe not in the area you’re familiar with, but where I’m from (4 hours north of NYC) they do.

          • saf

            That’s pretty far downstate. In Rochester, we do NOT stand on line. We stand in line.

          • Far downstate? It’s closer to Montreal than NYC!! Think prison escape.
            I think of Rochester as being more western NY than upstate NY, though it doesn’t bristle when people call it upstate like it does when someone from Westchester tries to pass themselves of as from upstate.

          • albany

            We stand on line.

          • I’m surprised, but you have legit claim to the title Upstate, so I stand corrected! I’m from Rochester also, and can say with certainty that nobody in the central/western part of the state uses ON. (side note: I consider Upstate to be the catchall phrase for the area beyond NYC)

          • Smilla

            Another Rochesterian here, and I’ve never heard anyone from there say “on line.”

            I’ve always referred to Rah-cha-cha as upstate, too.

          • Upstate NY is a big, big place.
            Western NY (which is also upstate) is in some ways more “midwestern” or Great lakes in terms of accent and word choices (linguist’s term: Inland northern English), the area north of Albany is more western New England regional dialect.

  • grk is alright. It tastes fine, but unless there’s an option I haven’t noticed, the gyros are unnecessarily deconstructed. They give you little flatbread toast points instead of sticking with the whole purpose of a sandwich being hand-held… so there’s that weirdness.

    • justinbc

      LOL what? And they call that a gyro?

      • Yup. Unless I mis-read and ordered the decon-gyro, or missed a proper gyro elsewhere on the menu. Crazy. It tasted nice, but with a strong gimmicky finish, and was more difficult to eat than it needed to be.

        • Oh, it appears maybe I did order it as a “plate.” Still, I’m left wondering why that exists.

          • Nah you’re right. Same thing happened here. Tasted pretty good but needed like 30 napkins to eat it with.
            On a not so related note there’s a place called Bulgogi right in that area, can’t exactly recall the street right now, but it’s delicious. Pretty well priced too and the chef seems like a really nice guy who tries so hard I feel he may be the owner too. Not sure though. Worth a trip if you’re bored with lunch downtown.

    • GRK is good. But it’s like the Chipotle of Greek food.
      Not a real traditional gyro. However, I do like the platter and the side items. It’s the perfect amount of food, IMHO. The platter ends up costing you $10 or $11. However, their vegetarian options is WEAK.
      The Greek Spot is good too, but it’s a massive portion. No way in hell I need that much food. Would rather pay less for a smaller portion.

    • you must be getting the $10 platter then. GRK def has proper hand-held gyros..

  • justinbc

    Plaka Grill in Vienna is the closest approximation I’ve had in the state to what’s available in Greece. Greek Deli’s gyro isn’t bad, but Plaka is a good bit better.

  • Greek Spot for me!

  • greek spot. nuff said.

  • I’d stick to Zorba’s in Dupont.


  • Red Panda

    The last time I ate at Greek Deli, I found a hair in my food. Can’t bring myself to go back.

  • I went to GRK once and will never be back. Almost $3 for a small bottled soda? Almost $4 for a side of fries? No thanks.

  • west_egg

    Greek Deli FTW!
    RIP Port of Piraeus. They had a tasty Gyro as well.

  • That One Guy

    My answer: How long are you willing to wait in line?
    The lines at the Greek Deli are ridiculous during the lunch rush.

    I want to know if anyone has convince the folks at GRK to give them 1/2 portion of one meat and 1/2 portion of another.

  • Yamas is the gyro to eat – handmade and wicked good. U & New Hampshire/16th. I want to eat their spicy feta with pita every day!

  • Majorly missing Port of Piraeus! It was my go to Greek salad destination. Wish they’d resurface, at least as a food truck!

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