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GRK Fresh Greek Restaurant Opening in about 3 weeks on 19th Street

by Prince Of Petworth June 29, 2014 at 10:22 pm 8 Comments

1140 19th Street, NW

Back in May we learned a lot more about the GRK Fresh coming to 19th Street by Science Club:

“Among its select classic quick serve menu selections is GRK’s signature Yeero, as well as fresh, authentic Greek yogurt. Spelled phonetically to differentiate this signature classic Greek dish from the traditional gyro, GRK’s Yeero features meat seasoned and marinated in yogurt, and slow roasted by artisans in a rotisserie grill. The straightforward menu offers choice of lamb & beef, chicken, pork or vegetables served on a classic pita baked in wood stove oven or served on a plate. To top it off, GRK offers three distinct, yogurt-based tzatzikis: classic and zesty GRK, spicy kaftero, or basil infused prassino. Entrée salads or side choices like the Aegean slaw with red and green cabbage, carrots, onions and fresh herbs dressed in lemon vinaigrette are also offered. Everything on the menu uses the best local as well as international ingredients the market has to offer.”

It’ll actually be two levels with seating and ordering upstairs and more seating downstairs and on the front patio. I’m told they should be open in about three weeks and this is the first of 8-10 more coming (likely 4 in DC proper). You can check out their full menu here.


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19th Street between Science Club and DC Noodles and Co.

  • In a city that doesn’t have a lot of Greek food options, it’s interesting that they chose a space just a few doors down from The Greek Deli. I really hope it doesn’t affect The Greek Deli’s business – it’s a great DC institution, especially in a neighborhood that has so few locally-owned food spots.

    • I doubt it will affect the Greek Deli traffic. This menu is very limited, and a lot of folks, like myself, visit the Deli for things like spanakopita and other items that GRK doesn’t seem to want to touch. This restaurant seems to be very similar to Cava, which I like, and I could see potentially visiting it elsewhere in the city/’burbs, but not when I’m anywhere near Kostas’ good food.

    • I doubt it will make much of a difference when he still has crazy lines stretching down the block. If I were running late for meetings or something and absolutely had to food quickly I would go here, otherwise I would always default to Greek Deli (or Bub and Pops around the corner).

    • Anonymous

      I think many people will still be loyal to the Greek Deli. Plus, this place does not have Avgolemono or lentil soup… even if they did, I’m sure it wouldn’t be as good as Greek Deli’s.

    • Anon

      Unless this place is amazing, I doubt they will touch Greek Deli’s business. There is already another place that does gyros around the corner from Greek Deli (on M Street) already. Greek Deli’s line is always out the door and the other place has been practically empty every time I’ve been. I’d imagine that it will be the same with this place. I’ll probably check GRK out on days that I need a gyro and can’t get away early or stand in line for half an hour.

  • Rich

    Mediocre and pretentious has a pretty good track record. I wouldn’t discount this place

  • DC Employee

    Looking forward to trying a new place for lunch. The menu seems totally different from The Greek Deli down the street, not sure why people are making it a competition.


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