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  • I hope they commence with their Kickstarter campaign soon. I really want to know what species of fish, not just “fresh.”

    • Our Fresh Fish foodtruck was highly successful. On our first day, we sold out of 3 of our 4 fish varieties. Seagulls and rats ate the rest 🙁

  • Craving a good fish-fry now.

    • brookland_rez

      Hip Hop chicken and fish on Benning Rd makes some great fried fish as does Horace and Dickies on H St.

  • I once purchased 2 lobsters and 2 beers for $10 outside of a FedEx Field and I live to tell the tale.

  • I wonder what’s going to happen to this lot. It’s enormous and only used for selling food off the back of trucks.

  • Benning and what? I can’t seem to place where this is on Benning Rd. Is this well into SE?

    • It’s Benning and 17th, behind the laundromat across the Gales St alley. Two blocks from the Starburst.

  • Food trucks aren’t even trying to be creative anymore

  • It is actually not on Benning. It is on the corner of 17th and Gales NE – 1 block south of Benning. The Rosedale Rec Center is across the street (to the left) from this lot.

  • Who know they were filming the sequel to the “Poor Decision-Making Rob Lowe” commercial in DC?

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