Le Liquor Opening in 2 Weeks in Adams Morgan

1776 Columbia Road, NW

It’s been a while since we first heard back in 2012 that Lee Jewelery would become a liquor store. Turns out it’s actually a section in the store and in the beginning it will be half liquor store, half jewelery store. The liquor store component should open in about two weeks. A worker at the store tells me they will slowly be expanding the liquor section. When I peeked in yesterday the liquor component filled up three large rows.

A reader adds:

“Now you can get your liquor, jewelry, and luggage all in one spot!”


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  • I’m sure THAT combo is going to go really well together….

  • This block of Columbia Road remains one of the funkiest, unchanging blocks in all of DC. Part of me feels good that it just keeps reverse-gentrifying, carrying on how it always has. It’s like The Big Lebowski: “The Dude abides. I don’t know about you, but I take comfort in that.”

    • I agree. I’ve lived just down the street for seven years and I kind of love that this block of Columbia just refuses to gentrify. It will be interesting to see whether the hotel development and the new condos have any effect.

    • Although no more Mixtec 🙁

    • I lived on this block of Columbia for almost 10 years and never understood how it was that everything else seemed to be gentrifying, while this block remained (except for the renovation of the Safeway and the coming of a new CVS) almost unchanged.
      Hoping that the Ontario17 project and the hotel will help bring retail, etc. to this block that’s more to my liking.

  • And here I thought Skynear was diversifying.

  • If you’ve never sipped Alize out of a golden chalice while toting your Chinese knock off Swiss Army luggage then you haven’t lived! I’m 99% sure Mr Lee owns the building so this will be around for the next 20 years and I’m glad. We need more funk in this city.

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