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New Liquor Store, Le Liquor, Coming to Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth November 19, 2012 at 10:30 am 14 Comments

1776 Columbia Road, NW

Looks like the Lee Jewelry space at 1776 Columbia Road, NW is set to become a new liquor store called Le Liquor according to a recent liquor license application. Though, I admit it is possible that there may have been a typo and it will be called Lee Liquor. I’m still holding out hope for Le Liquor. If not I call dibs on the name…

  • Anonymous

    boooo. That location would make an amazing cafe.

    • Anonymous

      eh, i don’t like to be hassled by vagrants while dining at a cafe

  • Voice

    Just what Adams Morgan needs! That will probably help steer us away from nights like this:


    • DCndc

      to be fair having to walk two blocks to either AB Liquors or Metro Liquor is a really long way to go for booze. I need my fix now!!!!

  • This area doesn’t need another liquor store. There are already two (pretty good) liquor stores within 4 blocks of this location.

  • Overkill.

    Lee Jewlery was awesome for watch repair, and super cheap. I’ll miss that business. I only recently learned about them via the forum section here on PoP.

  • Anonymous

    Property records show that 1774-1776 Columbia Road is owned by Quang Le — but people with this name often westernize it with the spelling “Lee” – hence the current name Lee Jewelry.

    So it’s possible for the next business to be Lee or Le.

    This person owns the property, and I guess would rather use it for a liquor store than rent it to a tenant for something with a really low profit margin like a cafe. People who say that there is no “need” for a liquor store are really just saying they don’t want a liquor store. Time will tell if the area can support another liquor store (I’m guessing with the very densely populated area that it can), and if so, then another store is indeed “needed”.

    • Jay

      See, I would say a neighborhood “needs” some type of business if a) it doesn’t have it or b) it has it but it’s overcrowded/inconvenient, etc.

      I think it’d be silly to say downtown “needs” more lunch restaurants. Maybe it will support additional lunch restaurants but it’s absurd to suggest it’s a need. Same with liquor in AdMo…

    • cia-van

      There isn’t a need though — there is a liquor store literally half a block away in both directions.

  • Anonymous

    damn, where am I going to get my crappy suitcases to help me haul all of my liquor home?

  • I never understood how Lee Jewelry (formerly Lee Brothers) stayed in business — on the rare occasions I went there to get a watch battery replaced, I don’t think there were any other customers in the store.

    I don’t know where I’m going to go next time I need a watch battery replaced, but I suspect a liquor store will do better business than a watches/suitcases/misc. place.

    Too bad it couldn’t have become a cafe — the 1700 block of Columbia Road NW could use some nicer establishments.

  • In order for it to be a cafe the owner of the property has to believe that would be his best use of his investment. If I was in his shoes I would probably also prefer to run a liquor store than a lower profit margin, more hassle-filled cafe.

  • Ward One Resident

    There is a city-wide moratorium on new Class A licenses. The existing ones can be bought and sold of course, but new ones are not issues. I’d be curious to know where they got this one. Unless the placards are for a Class B (beer and wine only) establishment.

  • one less dumpy travel bag store on Columbia Road. Progress is progress.


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