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The Alden Responds to Reader Feedback with an Impromptu Quiz: Win a Free Month of Rent!


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Hi there! We’re Aria Development Group, and we’ve been reading all of your comments and questions about The Alden, our new renovation of 2620 13th Street NW. There is clearly a lot of speculation about the information surrounding this project, from building history and ownership to affordability and rent. Well, we were inspired by your comments, and we’d like to offer the following oh-so-fun-and-entertaining Alden Quiz to test your knowledge of the salient facts of this deal. And we will offer you one free month of rent if you answer all of these questions correctly, or if you come visit and decide you’d like to live at The Alden before May 15th. If you so desire, you can study from the “CliffsNotes” here and here. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Quiz after the jump.

1. Prices at The Alden ____________________

a. “range from ‘jesus christ’ to ‘holy shit!'”
b. are a screaming bargain for two people sharing, paying $1175 a month to be in a stunningly renovated apartment.
c. are available for 20% of the apartments at a substantial discount to folks with qualifying incomes.
d. all of the above

2. Apartments at The Alden ____________________

a. “are only large enough for dwarfs”.
b. are ten times larger than the competition.
c. have plenty of room, as long as the units are well-designed (which they are) and you leave your 500-LP Motown collection with your parents and park your bike in one of our secure bicycle storage facilities.
d. are actually pretty comfortable. Come see for yourself!


3. The Alden used to be _____________________

a. The Alden, Babock and Calvert Apartments, one of the first apartment complexes that grew out of a townhome model.
b. the Warner Apartments, circa 1990.
c. inhabited by a local drug lord.
d. all of the above

4. Living in The Alden is especially groovy because ________________________

a. it’s an easy walk to the Metro — downhill both ways! (i.e.: down to U Street Station in the morning, back by Columbia Heights after work)
b. you can rock your Havanese to sleep in its luxuriously landscaped backyard.
c. you can use your iPhone to change the temperature in your apartment while attending the SXSW festival.
d. it has beautiful renovations, like white oak floors, warm cherry cabinetry and landscaped English gardens, while preserving its phenomenal historic exteriors.


5. The Alden’s developer ____________________

a. “needs to go home because it’s drunk”.
b. has spent unbelievable amounts of money on restoring the 1904 façade down to the historic lime-based brick mortar.
c. would love to get drunk. You’re buying. As long as it’s not Bar Nun.
d. is available at (800) 984-5044 or via email when you’ve sobered up and realized this is the best deal going.

Pencils down! How did you do? If you are feeling lucky, contact us or visit our website.

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