Reader Reports Armed Men Pulling Up in a Burgundy SUV in Ledroit Park Last Night


“Dear PoPville,

A group of armed men pulled up in an SUV and robbed my friend and I at gunpoint last night at 5 and u nw around 9:15 pm. apparently they are looking for iPhones and we aren’t the first, they robbed one other person last night too. Wanted to let you guys know so others can be aware of a burgundy SUV.”

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  • i’m sorry. thats sucks.
    why do you say that apparently they are looking for iphones?
    did they only take your phones?

  • If you look at the DC Police Twitter from last night, it seems that there was a string of ~5 robberies around that general area in the span of a couple of hours. See below for a copy/paste of said tweets:
    Robbery Gun_2108 hours_Unit block of W Street, NW_LOF: 2 B/Ms, 5’9-5’10, 23-25yoa, dark clothing, armed w/gun/9428.
    Robbery Gun at 4th & U St. NW. LOF a burgundy SUV with (3 to 4) B/M’s.
    Robbery Gun_1840_5800 bock of 5TH street NW_3 B/M armed fled the scene in a light colored vehicle unknown make and model//8667
    Robbery Knife in the 1600blk of 7th St NW. LOF (3) B/M’s, 5’7″, blk clothing. 6972
    RobberyGun1826 hrs1300 b/o NCapitol StreetNWLOF:1 B/M,5’6,160 lbs.,shrt hair,blkmask,blksweater,bluejeans,blk boots,greenbag,armedw/gun/9428

    • I’m certainly not a detective, but it seems that there may be some connection between all these robberies. DCPD had plenty of cars patrolling the general area last night, presumably looking for suspects or trying to deter further violence.
      I’m sorry this happened to you, OP.

  • Probably not related, but our nearby street had a number of cars broken into on New Years Eve. There was nothing of value in ours and nothing that even looked valuable, so I’m not sure why they even bothered, except to maybe just bust some windows.

  • I don’t understand why they are still looking for iPhones – doesn’t the new iOS render them unusable when stolen?

    • 1.) Most criminals are dumb.
      2.) A lot of people (like myself) still have old iPhones.

      • I have an old iPhone, too, a 5. But it has iOS 7, so I thought there was some kind of protection there? Am I wrong?

        • LOL, I have a 3S. Lots of folks are still carrying around the old iPhones from 3-4 years ago.

        • iPhone 5 is old? Lol ok. My iPhone 4s must be ancient then, and I can only imagine what you’d call my mom’s iPhone 4.

          But yes, with the current OS, one can shut down the phone remotely.

  • Hi! I am the OP and wanted to thank you all for the concern and let you know that my friend and I are totally ok. We know they specifically wanted phones because they kept asking for our phones. We both threw our whole purses at them, and they were found on the street somewhere the next day minus cash, car/apt keys, and phones. I had the current iOS and locked and bricked my phone, but my friend did not. Now in the process of replacing all our things and hoping renter’s insurance will cover at least some of it, since Apple charged us the full $700ish for new phones. 🙁

  • if they took your purse they had ur ids and thus your addresses. they also have your keys. change your locks!

  • Yup we did! Thanks so much, hopefully they will catch these guys!

  • This is most likely the same group who robbed me at gun point Dec 19th on 3rd and T. They fired off a round to show they meant business. They had a get away car waiting on Anna Cooper Circle, which was an SUV. They were light skin African American, two of which was wearing scarfs to cover their faces. One was a Keffiyeh (Palestinian Scarf).

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