Adrian Starts a List of Dog-Friendly Restaurants/Bars

Photo by PoPville flickr user kenudigit

Adrian is a dog owner who lives in Shaw.

Attention dog owners and dog lovers – spring is here. On a few occasions, the weather has already warmed up enough to do some outdoor dining and imbibing. That was the case last weekend, so naturally I was excited to have my dog (@DogNamedBatman) accompany my friends and I for an afternoon at Standard only to learn that dogs have to stay outside the fence. Some may prefer the dog-free atmosphere, but there are a lot of dog owners in the city who probably don’t mind dogs hanging out at the bar with them.

I did some research, including collecting feedback from dog listserves and dog owners to start this list. I will note that I was not able to personally confirm all of these details, and some of the information may be outdated. So if you know of any spots that have not been listed here please add them to the comments.


The Coffee Bar (1201 S St. NW) – water bowl
Blind Dog/Darnell’s Bar (944 Florida Ave. NW)
Shaw’s Tavern (520 Florida Ave. NW)
Veranda (1100 P St. NW)
Hotel Helix (1430 Rhode Island Ave. NW)
15 Ria (1515 Rhode Island Ave. NW) – Doggie Happy Hour Thursdays 6-8, weather permitting
Big Bear (1700 1st St. NW)
Boundary Stone (116 Rhode Island Ave. NW)
Rustik Tavern (84 T St. NW)
The Pug (1234 H St. NE)
Argonaut (1433 H St. NE) – only on Saturdays 12-5, outside fence other times
Wonderland (1101 Kenyon St. NW)
Maple (3418 11th St. NW) – limited dog-friendly happy hours
RedRocks (1036 Park Rd. NW)
The Heights (3115 14th St. NW)
Union Pub (201 Mass. Ave. NE) – water bowl
Art and Soul (415 New Jersey Ave. NW) – dog menu
Cantina Marina (600 Water St. SW) – dog happy hour, summer Mondays 5-9
DC Bread & Brew (1247 20th St. NW)
Brasserie Beck (1101 K St. NW)
Acadiana (901 New York Ave. NW) – certain happy hours

Allows dogs outside fencing

Standard (1801 14th St. NW) – water bowl
Rice (1608 14th St. NW)
Commissary (1443 P St. NW)

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  • Larry’s Lounge (18th & T NW)- dogs allowed on patio at all times – 2 water bowls and treats

    Le Diplomate will be allowing dogs on the patio

  • Is “Allows dogs outside fencing” really a useful category? I mean, isn’t that always permitted??

  • I’ve seen dogs outside the fencing at Lauriol Plaza before–not sure if they allowed it, or someone just did it without asking.

  • Dogs should not be allowed in any area where food is served to humans, it is not sanitary.

  • Lou’s allows dogs in the patio and it is heated and tented so you can eat and drink all year round. It is not my favorite place but this keeps me coming back.

  • I can confirm that the new Matchbox @ 14th and T enthusiastically welcomes dogs on their patio.

  • I know most of you will not really care but it is actually illegal, and against health code, to have a non service animal in the same space that food is being served. The FDA prohibits it due to sanitary concerns as well. Me personally, I don’t want to be on a patio where your dog is taking a piss or fighting with another dog.

    • Not all dogs just piss randomly. Most dogs I see in patios are well behaved. And the dog is just laying there and chilling, not sharing your beer and fries or lurking in the kitchen!

      • It may be the best behaved dog ever. I just don’t want that element of fur and unpredictability when I’m paying to eat in a hygienic and predictable setting.

      • I think these two said it best:

        “The Dude: You brought the fuckin’ Pomeranian bowling (to the outdoor patio)?
        Walter Sobchak: What do you mean brought it bowling (to the outdoor patio), Dude? I didn’t rent it shoes (buy it food). I’m not buying it a fucking beer. He’s not taking your fucking turn (making anything unsanitary), Dude.

      • i feel the same about kids. if anyone is making a list of restaurants and bars that ban kids, i would be interested in that list too.

        • Came here to say that. Too many times has my meal been ruined by someone’s kid running between tables, tossing food or just generally screeching loudly. NEVER has my meal been ruined by someone’s dog sitting with them on a patio.

          • has a kid’s hair ever landed on your plate? you people who want to confer the same status to your dogs that human beings get are so unbelievably insane.

          • We aren’t conferring the same status to our dogs as human beings. We’re saying the human beings are worse than dogs. Please keep up.

          • I frequently take my 90 lb dog to a bar patio, where he lays at my feet and never moves for several hours. When I get up to leave and he stands up, many of the people at nearby tables are surprised because they never knew he was there. You can’t say the same about most kids.

    • Well, there goes your invite to the next Doggie Yappy Hour.

    • I’ll make sure and take note of the sanitary conditions next time I eat my dinner off the floor!

    • a) the FDA provides recommendations, these are not laws.
      b) the only federal law about animals pertains to service animals
      c) states set the restaurant health laws. States vary, (CA and WA allow dogs in restaurants).
      b) in DC, it is up to the owner of the establishment

    • You are wrong. The FDA does not regulate this. These are matters for state law.

    • This post perfectly embodies what is wrong with Americans. I’m moving to Paris to eat a damn crepe with my dog.

      • from what I remember, you’ll have fun cleaning dog sh*t off your shoes the whole time. I suppose you think picking up after your dog is a draconian measure as well?

    • I’ve always been told that the legality of this depends on the county or state. I looked for the FDA regulation prohibiting this and couldn’t find it. DSB, do you have a link? It’s easy to say it’s illegal. Harder to prove it.

  • I’ve seen a lot of dogs at Lincoln when their outdoor seating is available :). Oh and “Dog Owner” needs to loosen up and live a little.

  • Cafe Ole in Tenleytown is very dog-friendly and they also have a covered patio year-round!

  • Tunnicliff’s (if you can stand the food) and Boxcar Tavern both allow dogs on patio anytime. That’s the only reason I go there. Beware the many stray french fries on the ground if you have a fat dog like Rosie. Both are directly across from Eastern Market on 7th SE.

    • I’ve also seen dogs on the patio at Molly Malone’s on 8th Street – same restaurant owners as Boxcar I believe?

      I wish my dog was polite enough for happy hour. Sadly, she is too much of a queen bee to be allowed near other people’s pets and/or food.

  • ledroittiger

    Vinoteca was down with it last year for the front patio.

    Has anyone ever seen a service dog inside a bar?

    • I have a service dog and have brought him to a couple of bars. I do prefer to go to dog friendly places even though we’re allowed anywhere because some people are ignorant and rude, and I’m obviously not blind or deaf and get harassed sometimes.

  • Most of the bars by Petworth Metro allow dogs and had dog HH last summer… DC Reynolds, etc.

  • Where’s Fogo de Chao on this list, because that’s one place my dog has always wanted to go.

  • Nice! I’m all for dogs and babies at bars. Keeps the douchebags away.

  • This is great, thanks, Adrian!

    I THINK you can sit outside with your dog(s) at Logan Tavern and Meridian Pint.

    I never expected to see Brassiere Beck on this list – love it!

  • Add DC Reynolds on there. Your dog can hang out with you while you enjoy BOGO on their huge pack patio.

  • We at Kangaroo Boxing Club happily welcome dogs on our patio. Biscuits and water bowls are provided as well.

  • Mr. Henry’s on Capitol Hill also allows dogs outside the fence.

  • Add The Heights patio – they have dog treats on their menu as well!

  • On the Hill, I’ve taken my dog on the patios at Bullfeathers, La Loma, Cafe Berlin, Bistro Cacao, Good Stuff, and Union Pub.

  • We’ve taken our dog to the patios at Dos Gringos in Mt. Pleasant and Thai Tanic II and Taqueria Distrito Federal in Columbia Heights.

  • Mandu on 18th allows pets along the patio fence (not an issue since 90% of their outdoor tables border the fence), and provides a water bowl. Very pet friendly staff.

  • How is The Pug dog friendly there is no outside and way to small on the inside?

  • why do you take a dog to dinner?

  • not liking or trusting dogs is one thing, but being concerned at the hygiene of a dog on a patio is just laughable.

    • not so. I have experience all of the below:
      – dog shakes and fur lands in my drink
      – dog urinates on patio and splashes on neighbor’s purse
      – irritable dog tries to loudly and violently fight with every dog that passes, making all customers uneasy and annoyed
      – dog sniffs my leg, leaving snot trail on my panty hose

      • luck in on your side! a long list of places you shouldn’t go is being provided to you!

        • You entitled yuppie dog owners who think everyone should deal with animals at a restaurant make me laugh. Dogs have a dog park and also crap all over the sidewalks (trust me I pick stuff up on a regular basis by my house).

          Last ‘dog friendly’ patio I was at involved two dogs fighting and drawing blood off one owners hand. Explain why I should feel safe bringing a kid to any of these establishments? (Queue the stuck up dog owner saying to take my kids to Chuck-e-cheese)

          • I’m not a dog owner, but thanks for the insult. I don’t really give a shit about your experiences, I was just pointing out that you shouldn’t go to the places listed.
            You’re welcome.

  • If anyone lives in VA or wants to venture over the river, hotel monaco in alexandria has a dog happy hour and lists of other canine-friendly activities.

  • Le Caprice bakery has outdoor seating (dogs welcome), AND bakes/ sells dog biscuits. I’ve also seen a water bowl out from time to time.

  • El Chucho in Columbia Heights allowed me and my dog to eat out on the tables in front of place.

  • I had a dog snap at me last time I was on a patio that allowed dogs…how do you establishments deal with a bite situation? Just curious?

    Also, it is up to the establishment in DC so I respect that but folks who just assume it’s their right and don’t ask really bother me

  • Mad Momos at 3605 14th Street NW allows dogs on the patio.

  • ROOM 11 lets dogs on the patio, has water bowl, and sells homemade dog treats.

    • My experience has been that at Room 11 and Meridian Pint that dogs are allowed OUTSIDE the fence – not on the patio. Small distinction but important if your dog wants to be on top of you rather than next to you.

  • thanks for the list of places to not go.

    anyone know if there are any no-smoking patios open this summer???

    • You want a no pets, no smoking patio? Go to Southern Hospitality in Adams Morgan. Used to be Adams Mill which was both pet and smoker friendly. And while you’re there take turns with the other patrons patting yourselves on the back for being such incredible douchbags!

      • If people want to enjoy food and drink without my secondhand smoke blowing in their face, I don’t have a problem with that. If it’s too much hassle for me to step away from the seating area when I want to have a smoke then I’m the “incredible douchbag”.

        • If people want to sit outside, they should be fine with dealing with the outside, especially since patios only exploded because of the indoor smoking bag. So yes, people who want to follow the cool kids and then ruin the experience for them are incredible douchebags (see also flavored coffee, complaints about no vegetarian options at meat-centric places, complaints about grunting at the gym. This entitled attitude pervades the neo-yuppie class).

  • I’m still confused how the dogs fur would get on your food… I’d the waiter carrying it around asking if you’d like some fur on your dish?

  • Someone please explain what a dog friendly establishment should do when a dog bites a patron or another dog (I’ve seen it happen)? Simply ask them to leave and wait for it to happen again? I’m not too sure parents can feel super safe when this happens

    • You tear down all the doghouses, naturally.

    • a) the restaurant owner should see to the safety of their clientele and if needed involve law enforcement

      Or – to help translate that for you:
      the owner should do the the same thing he/she would do if 2 (or more) humans got into a fight.

      And yea, I’ve seen that happen.

  • District 2 on Wisconsin Avenue in Cleveland Park – I think on Mondays they even give you 15% off if you bring your furry friend!

  • Thr Front Page in Dupont allows on their patios when they’re open!

  • Magnolia’s at the Mill in Purcellville, VA (Loudoun County – 10 min.s W of Leesburg) is dog-friendly on their patio. Hit some vineyards with your dog and then to Mag’s for a nice full day

  • This is great! I’m working with the WHS to organize a dog meet-up so will scout these places and let you all know when.

  • Bacio Pizzeria is also a dog friendly restaurant, I’ve seen many dog owners shop from Greenpaws pet store and eat downstairs at Bacio with their dogs.

  • Rosemary Thyme Bistro, Mandu, Dupont Market, Lauriol Plaza, L’Efant Cafe, El Tamarindo & The Blaguard all have dogs that sit “outside” the fence/dog friendly. Not sure it’s actually permitted but we’ve gone to these places with our dogs and they’re extremely dog friendly. It’s why we stay in our neighborhood when we want to eat out.

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