Judging Buildings – Engine House No. 10

This old fire house from the 1300 block of Maryland Ave, NE is an awesome renovation. I’m guessing it will be condos. I’ll be sure to post as a GDoN when they go on the market.

You can see what it looked like in 2008 here.

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  • every single old firehouse in dc should be judged as freaking awesome.

  • The same company is also doing the old police station on the 500 block of 9th St NE and it looks awesome. Yes, they will be condos.

  • This building could have been a community center, but our ANC condemed and subverted that idea so we have yet another condo building.

    • It could have been a unicorn stable too.

    • The district doesn’t need more community centers. The district needs more net contributors to balance out the net takers. New condo residents fit that bill.

      • really, cuz the district told me just last night that it needed more community centers.

        • The district lies to you because it doesn’t respect you anymore.

          • Not only does the District lie to you, it now steals from you and then demands more money to cover the deficit. Nice.

            RECALL GRAY!!!

            We just need 10% of every Ward’s signatures by next January to do it.

      • The district needs more SKINNY JEANS AND PABST BLUE RIBBON BEER!

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