Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Glover Park

This rental is located at 39th St and Fulton St, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“”Junior Suite” style studio (the bed is walled off) in a small 10 unit building in Glover park 1 mile or less from Georgetown Univ, American Univ, Whole Foods, Safeway.

Preferred move-in is Aug 1 for a 1 year lease. Perfect for Med/Grad/Law students.

Fully furnished, hardwood floors, see photos. There is window air conditioning and a built in water filter.

Utilities: Water and Gas included. Electricity is renters responsibility. Wireless internet is set up but the renter must switch it into their name to avoid confusion and complications if there is a malfunction. Garbage and recycling in back of building.
Parking: Zone 3 parking with ample street parking but you would need to go to the DMV with the lease to obtain your permit.
Laudry: in the building, 1.25 in quarters for wash and dry. Space for bikes here.
Small pets are OK. Big pets are OK if they are quiet and you have the place professionally cleaned before you leave. No smoking please.

If you’re a georgetown med student I’ll hook you up with books and notes.”

Does $1495 (including medical books and notes) for this renovated Junior Suite?

How would you describe Glover Park to someone who is not familiar with the neighborhood?

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  • “How would you describe Glover Park to someone who is not familiar with the neighborhood?”


    Although at least you have Surfside and Two Amys nearby. If you’re can afford a $1500 studio and want to be near Georgetown, get a place in Dupont.

  • It’s much sleepier than some other neighborhoods this close to downtown, mostly because Metro passed it by. But buses are plentiful.

  • Overpriced. Iooked in Glover Park last summer and found full 1 BR that included electricity for 1450. I forget the name of the complex but it was a cool bunch of art deco buildings.

    • You might have looked at 2712 Wisconsin (http://www.fasdcrentals.com/properties/quadview.php?quadrant=NW). I lived there for a few years. I’d definitely recommend it for a fairly reasonably priced, bare-bones type building. Nothing fancy, but it’s well run by an on-site manager.

      • Hey jumpingjack! I took a tour of 2712 wisconsin and I liked it, but I’ve never talked to anyone who actually lived there. Did you think that soundproofing between units was ok? (i.e. is it the type of building where you’ll have no choice but to hear all of your neighbor’s daily and nightly activities?)

  • This looks like a fairly nice unit, for a studio in the basement. It’s overpriced for the area, however. I lived for several years in one of the big buildings around the corner on Wisconsin. For only $50 more you get a good sized one bedroom with a nice view, all utilities included, and someone to sign for packages. Of course, this place is furnished, which probably adds a bit to the price.

    Glover Park is a great neighborhood in itself. It has everything you’d need — grocery stores, CVS, hardware store, bookstore, a few bars and restaurants. Why I didn’t like it was that if you want to leave Glover Park, you’re pretty much stuck. Public transport is awful (except for weekday commuting on the 30 buses), and it’s at least a 35 minute walk to the next neighborhood (Cleveland Park or Georgetown). I ended up driving or taking cabs everywhere — what’s the point of living in a city if that’s how I had to get around?

  • How would you describe Glover Park to someone who is not familiar with the neighborhood?
    wealthy. safe. international residents. small townish with one commercial strip. you never have to worry about hipsters. kind of big church nearby. easy access to broccoli rabe and fine cheeses. you’ll want a car.

  • It’s ok…if you want to live in crime-ridden Glover Park.

    • embezzlement, tax evasion, human trafficking, spy rings. illegal u turns. daily occurrences. not sure i’d raise a kid there.

  • I once lived in Glover Park, and when you do you really LIVE there, as in never leave. Shop at the Whole Foods, eat at Rocklands, drink at the Grog and Tankard or Austin Grill or wherever people go now.

    Commuting downtown took forever on the bus. It’s like living in Chevy Chase, MD, even though you’re physically within the District.

    And you should expect to pay more for everything there, including living space.

  • This unit has been for sale for a couple of months now (3901 Fulton St NW #3, it’s on redfin) – my guess is that the owner is giving up on selling it anytime soon. What if the owner kept it on the market? Would the person who bought it be obligated to honor the terms of the lease, or could they kick out the tenant?

    imho, I think $1495 is way too much to pay for a studio in Glover Park, especially a basement (the windows make it look like a basement, right?) fwiw, the only 1BR I’ve been able to find in a safe neighborhood in DC that is less than $1500/month (and isn’t a basement) has been in Glover Park.

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