Washington, DC

Ed. Note: Entries accepted through Friday, July 23rd. Remember if you have a favorite please let me know. If you emailed a photo of your pet I promise all photos will be posted, patience please, there are tons of pets in PoPville!

A little clarification on voting – these are the preliminary rounds. Your comments help me a lot in selecting semifinalists for Dog, Cat, Other and Group. At this round of the selection process it is still a bit arbitrary. Though I may enlist the winners from last year to help out a bit. There will be semifinal voting (in a poll format) for every group then the winners of each category will face off for the ultimate winner. Stay tuned!


“Suki’s porch mullet – watch dog in the front, lazy dog in the back.”



“Likes: Walks in Meridian Hill Park, peeing where your dog has already peed, and ice cream.
Dislikes: Baths, stickers in his paws, and heat waves.”

Lots more great entries after the jump.


“This is Jonesy. He likes to keep an eye on things – and knows he is really in charge here.”


“My dog caesar says, “quit taking my picture!”


“Here is Ozzie, spilling over a small/medium-sized dog bed. Ozzie is a big furry sun of love – small objects have been known to orbit around him.”


“Meet Grover–he’s pretty new to PoPville, having just been adopted a month ago. He’s already making himself at home in my laundry.”



“Brody tasting snowflakes – thought we could all use a cool image in this heat.”


“Matilda – English bulldog”


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