Washington, DC

Photo from PoPville flickr user fromcaliw/love

“Dear PoP,

I’ve been really into getting the coupons from websites like livingsocial for dc. They have had some good deals for area spots. However, I just had my first one come close to expiring. I am trying to find out what happens when it expires. I know with some coupons, like Groupon, the coupon retains the value of any money spent, but Living Social, unlike groupon does not say what happens. I have researched there website high and low but it just says that what happens depends on local law. I emailed living social and asked about dc specifically, and there answer was a recommendation that I call the chamber of commerce to find out. I honestly can’t believe a business like this doesn’t know what happens and seems to refuse to answer. I doub’t very much that I will get an answer from the dc government. Hoping you or your readers can help? Do you know what the law is in dc? Do they have to retain the value of any money put down?”

Has anyone had one of these coupons expire? Do you just lose the dough? Is it very obvious when the expiration date is? I guess this is why it might not make sense to buy $400 worth gazpacho for one week…


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