Dear PoP – What Happened at XX/JJ show Sunday Night?


“Dear PoP,

Can you get any dirt as to what happened at the JJ/XX show last night at 6th and I Synagogue? I was at the 8pm show, and JJ is a two person band, but only one girl got up on stage, pushed play on her CD, and sang on top of it/over it. It was really weird karaoke style. Then the guy got up on stage and interrupted her song with a bear hug, then picked up a guitar and played 2 chords, and then they both walked off the stage. The performers were totally cracked out and it was the lousiest performance ever, but I can’t figure out how they get away with this. The audience (myself included) were literally cracking up in laughter at how ridiculous it was. She also set up a slideshow pointed at the side of her head so no one could see it. It sounds too ludicrous to be true but…

Anyway, XX was awesome, but I think the entire audience left wondering if it was all a big joke rather than a legitimate band.”

Bizarre. I’ve emailed the promoters from 6th and I but I think they have the day off for Passover. So did any other readers attend this show Sunday night? What’s the scoop?

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  • yep i was there, WEIRD …my only thought is “drugs are bad!”

  • They apparently think screwing with an audience is all they are being paid to do:

  • Sounds like quite interesting performance art. Maybe your expectations should open to different types of presentation?

    Or you should try getting high before the show.

    Either way.

  • I was at that show and had the seats on stage left in the balcony. I had a great view of the jj slideshow, which was kind of awesome (at one point, it was a weird kangeroo gif gnawing at her shadow). The dude in jj was crouching behind one of the amps the entire time until that last song when he came out to play two chords.

    I laughed. A lot.

    But, I thought The xx set was awesome. With my seats (which I can’t believe no one before us took, as we arrived around 9), I was able to peep the percussionists’ magic electronics pretty clearly.

    But yeah, jj…really?!

  • ecstasy is a hell of a drug

  • yep: disappointing people across the country…

    and too bad, cause the album is so! good!

  • Wow, that’s strange to hear about jj, although maybe not surprising since they put drugs right there on their album cover.
    I saw Joanna Newsom at the synagogue last week, and she knocked it out of the f-ing park.

  • My thought exactly. Thank gods there are folks out there dismantling typical performance patterns. I’d suggest catching a Mattin performance next time he’s in the states. That’ll ream out anybody’s Expectations Gland for good.

  • my reply didn’t nest properly… I’m agreeing with Christopher-NYC’s comment @ 12:35am

    • When you stopped following Phish I thought you had kicked the habit. Good to see you’re back to gettin’ high all the time, brother.

      • Sorry mate, not familiar with Phish; I assume that’s pretty straight music. Not my bag.

        If it’s not demanding, it’s not worth the time & energy. Take life two steps at a time. Eat spicy food. Travel very fast. Bravely embrace confusion as a means to evolution. Listen to music that bites back. That’s the joy of being alive. So says the gospel according to IA.

        • i think the complaint among most of us familiar with jj and the show itself was that it wasn’t “demanding”, “energetic”, “spicy”, or particularly
          “fast”. it was slow, half-assed, awkward, and bookended by performances by people who actually seemed to take their job seriously.

          unconventional does not always equal interesting. sometimes it just means two teenagers who are batting way out of their league, shocked that people who like what they can do in pro tools don’t want to see them wander around on stage like retards.

          • teehee! I should’ve added the caveat that even challenging “avant garde” performance tactics can still yield a show that sucks buffalo scat. And this XX/JJ gig might qualify.

            The line “I can’t figure out how they get away with this.” was the amusing bit for me. I think I’ll go read it again.

  • Meh. This all strikes me as terribly self indulgent and ultimately dishonest. It’s like the Emperor’s new clothes. People fawn over this stuff and look at you derisiverly if you don’t ‘get it,’ but the jokes on them. There’s nothing there to get. The artist is laughing at you. I have better ways to spend my time.

    And the irony is that artists like this fight so hard to free themselves to from the mainstream that they end up becoming it. Like the Dadaists in the 20th century. What started out as “anti-art” is now hanging in some of the worlds greatest museums.

  • First of all I love different, unique music and artistic performances. This was merely Karaoke with a slideshow and I felt there was nothing “to get”. However, I suggest before you defend a particular performance you actually go see it for yourself and develop a firsthand opinion. Sometimes performances just suck and you can try to talk around calling it whatever you want. If you notice the response from everyone on here who was actually at the show it seems as like there is generall agreement that there appeared to be something wrong. You can put a tie on a turd but it’s still a turd.

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