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Mazu is located at 1100 New York Avenue, NW. Their Web site says:

“Our meticulously selected assortment of Pan-Asian cuisine fuse tradition with contemporary flare, to create a culinary excursion into the elaborate palate of the Orient.”

You can see their menus here. Mmm, looks good. Any fans out there? I of course just wanted another excuse to post one of my favorite buildings in DC…

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  • That’s the old bus terminal building and is gorgeous inside and out. Mazu is interesting, not great but interesting. Decent japanese food and way cool wacky cutlery. I like the bar, which has an element of japanese ‘drink until you fall over’ to it. Its even got rowed seating to everyone can watch the TV and the bartender.

  • I’ve eaten there a couple times. I’ve liked what they have. They also have a small selection of soju (essentially korean vodka). I wouldnt say that its the best at what it does, but it is good solid japanese/pan asian place. They do have really nice outdoor seating which is rare for the area. The real gem is next door at sushi Aoi. Possibly my favorite DC sushi joint.

  • I actually think Mazu, sushi Aoi, and the Thai place next to that are all owned by the same family. The best part of the sushi place is the hostess wears a Redskins kimono during football season. The sushi is good too…

  • The food is decent…can add up pretty quickly if you aren’t careful with Sushi and apps. What is amazing is the Mazu Mazu’s at happy hour. I think they are $4 or $5, but they taste great and two of them are usually enough to knock you back in your chair. Awesome. I think they also have pretty good beer specials too.

  • I agree that their happy hour is one of the best in the downtown area.

  • The Kalbi was nothing to write home about. You’ll do much better by taking your Zip Car to Annandale.

  • The sushi bar next door, Sushi Aoi, rocks it.


  • Am I the only one who thought “PAN! ASIAN! CUISINE!” when I read that?

  • I love that building too.

  • The happy hour is great. The lunch special is good. The Sukiyaki next door at Sushi Aoi (enough for two people) is wonderful.

  • saf

    Love the building, found the restaurant boring.

  • Haven’t eatin there but “mazui” is often shortened to just “mazu” in Japanese and translates as “gross.”

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