Dear PoP – News Trucks at 13th and Clifton and Response Vehicles at

“Dear PoP,

just wondering if you had heard anything about why there were a bunch of news trucks at the corner of 13th and clifton this morning….?”

I wonder if was related to:

“There seemed to be an extroardinary amount of police, firetrucks and ambulances in our area last night (on 11th between Park and Spring) and my roomate (on her way home) saw a man pull a gun on 14th and Monroe. Was it something in the air last night?”

I didn’t see anything in the police reports regarding those two locations. Any readers know what’s up at either of those spots?

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  • News trucks at 13th and Clifton were likely doing the story on free swine flu vaccines at Cardozo High School.

  • I saw a ton of MPD cars at 14th and Girard yesterday evening around 6/6:30 – any ideas?

  • Probably the same old crimes, commited by the same old people, in the same old area of Columbia Heights. These projects should be burnt to the ground.

  • “Probably the same old crimes, commited by the same old people, in the same old area of Columbia Heights. These projects should be burnt to the ground.”

    Commented on in the same way by the same people everyday on this blog

  • I think the power is back! I am at work, but Pepco has a call back service to be notified when power is restored and they called. Didnt leave a msg, but my fingers are crossed that that’s why. Anyway, it’s true, while we were sitting in the dark last night, I heard helicopters and sirens off an on for an hour maybe 10-11 PM? Lots of activity.. sounded like it was a few blocks from us.

  • It might not be crime . . . . could be an elected official showing up to something at Cardozo, could be exploding manhole covers, could be somebody putting out more ghost bikes, could be a new Wale video, could be Ben Ali-related, could be a bunch of stuff.

    There are plenty of crime stories, but TV trucks doesn’t equal crime coverage.

  • There were also about 4 fire trucks and 2 or 3 ambulances at the corner of Park Rd. and Warder at around 11:45 last night. Does anyone know how they determine how many fire and ambulance personnel respond to a given situation? Nothing was on fire and it looked like all of them were just standing around and blocking the street with their many, many vehicles. It just seemed like overkill to me (though, in fairness, I have no idea what was going on).

  • Last night at approximately 7:30pm I also saw a man pull a gun on someone (who was running down the street with a knife in hand) on 14th and Monroe. On the up side my boyfriend and I had a pleasant conversation with an elderly man at the scene of the crime.

  • There was a report of multiple individuals with hipster beards and sleeve tattoos in the area. MPD was sent to investigate, and the local news media was notified.

  • I walked by 13th & Euclid around 9am and saw two cars pretty smashed up. One was already on a flatbed tow truck and the other on the side of the road. Lots of police directing traffic, standing around.

    Could this have been the cause?

  • The news trucks at 13th and Clifton yesterday were there for the H1N1 vaccine clinic for pregnant women and young people (6 months to 24 years). There were a lot of TV cameras in Cardozo, too. If you go to the DC flu website, you’ll find the schedule for other upcoming clinics if you are interested in being vaccinated.

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