Washington, DC


Back in early October we learned that these billboards were supposed to be removed by Oct. 6th. Clearly that didn’t happen. A reader explains why:

“Email to the community, October 19, 2009, from DCRA Director, Linda Argo.

“Last week, the District Government tried to negotiate with Clear Channel for voluntary removal of the billboards. When the parties failed to reach an agreement by Friday, the District Government informed Clear Channel that removal of the billboards by the government was imminent. In response, Clear Channel filed a lawsuit against the District this morning in D.C. Superior Court, seeking a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to stop the District from removing the billboards. The billboards will remain in place at least until the hearing on the motion for a TRO, which has been set for Wednesday afternoon.”

According to the D.C. Superior Court website, the case number is “2009 CA 007776 B CLEAR CHANNEL OUTDOOR, INC Vs. THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA” and is scheduled to be heard at 3:30 PM, Wednesday, October 21st, 2009”


If the DC Code states, “DC Code that stipulates that billboards must not be located within 200 feet of another billboard and within 200 feet of a residential neighborhood.” then what could Clear Channel be arguing?


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